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   Chapter 700 Please Take Good Care Of Shirley For Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10591

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Jean knew deep in her heart that Joy was barely holding on due to her poor health. She was now using all of her strength to stay strong so that she could spend as much time as possible with her daughter, Shirley. Joy always wished her daughter well.

Seeing the raw emotion between Joy and Shirley crying and hugging each other brought deep sorrow in Jean's heart. Anyone would have been grieved at such a sight. Jean knew full well of the gravity of the situation with Joy. 'This must be so terribly hard for her to do, ' she thought. Jean was well aware of Joy's ill health and of what she was trying to do. That's what made it even harder for her. She was hoping against hope that Joy wouldn't suffer too much in the last moments of her life.

Juan on the other hand was less sympathetic and more analytical of Joy and Shirley. He looked at Jean and saw the distress on her face. She was desperately trying hard to hold back the tears. He was worried about her and gave her a look of concern because he didn't know how to console her with words.

Jean glanced at him under her wet eyelashes and noticed the worry on his face. She nodded her head slightly signalling that she was okay.

He gave her a small sympathetic smile and then looked back at Joy and Shirley who were still crying bitter tears. He couldn't help but frown at them and wondered, 'These two women seem to have endless tears.

Even though this is a sad situation, I don't feel sorry for them. They can't blame anyone for it. They brought this upon themselves!' he thought unaware of the whole situation.

"Jean, please come here," Joy said, gesturing for her to come.

Jean's heart skipped a beat and she froze on the spot for a moment. She looked at Joy wide eyed and pointed to herself questioningly.

Joy nodded and gave her a small encouraging smile.

Jean was left with no other choice but to walk apprehensively over to her.

'They only allow a limited amount of time to visit and it is very difficult for you to come and see Shirley. Why do you want to waste the precious time that you have together by including me in your conversation?' Jean mumbled to herself as she made her way to them. On the outside she tried to look as calm as possible.

"Jean! Shirley!" Joy said as she took both of their hands and clasped them together. "You are sisters, with half of your blood shared. Jean, I'm afraid that I must ask you to help me take care of Shirley in the future," she said emotionally.

Jean couldn't hide her shock, her eyes widened as she turned to look at Joy.

'What are you doing?

Are you really going to do this now?

No!' she thought with her mind racing.

She couldn't help shaking her head, desperately hoping that Joy would not continue.

Shirley was shocked and surprised by what Joy was asking of Jean. She glared at Joy and asked hastily, "Mother, I have you and you can take care of me. You will be there waiting for me when I come out of prison, won't you? Why are you asking Jean to look after me? Why?"

"My dear sweet Shirley," Joy said in a broken voice. Her eyes were full of emotions and tears. She moved her lips to try and speak but

t of this. And anyone who sees it might do as well.

Life is fickle like that. We should live in peace and never do anything hurtful to others, ' wondered Juan in his heart.

Their time together was nearing to an end...

All of a sudden, the door to the tiny room that they were in was abruptly pushed open by two policewomen. As they walked toward Shirley, their keys clanked noisily against their hips. Without showing any emotion, they both stood on either side of Shirley and held onto her arms and shoulders as they prepared to march her back to the cell. At this point, Jean could no longer constrain herself. She covered her mouth with her hand and sobbed out loud.

Joy ignored the two policewomen. She gave Shirley a big hug and gently wiped her tears away smiling reassuringly.

"Mother!" Shirley cried out suddenly in the face of impending separation. As they led her away, she called back to her mother, "You have to come back and see me again! Don't leave me alone..."

"No, I won't leave you. I will come back to see you..."

Joy uttered back softly. It was a promise that she knew she couldn't keep and it was the last thing that she said to Shirley.

Shirley disappeared out of site around the corner. Only Joy, Jean and Juan were left in the small visiting room.

With a heavy heart, Jean went to be by Joy's side.

The brave smile that Joy wore for Shirley a moment ago had been replaced with an extremely grieved look.

Her gaze was still fixed in the direction where Shirley was taken away. Her hands which were still outstretched as if trying to reach for Shirley slowly dropped down by her sides.


she cried out before she suddenly collapsed into a heap onto the ground, no longer having the strength to hold it all in. Bitter tears flowed like a river down her cheeks.

"My poor daughter! How did we get to this point and end like this? Why? Oh dear God! Winner and I have been punished enough. Please watch over my daughter Shirley. I only ask for her to be healthy and safe for the rest of her life," she said with her head raised toward the sky.

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