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   Chapter 697 Is Juan A Little Peculiar

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8515

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"Jean. You are so kind and caring. You're a lot nicer and better than Zed. He only pretends to care about me, while in fact, he kicks me right in the shins every time I fall down."

Juan threw a sidelong glance at Zed and raised his voice on purpose.

Zed was standing right next to him, and could only rub his nose with an embarrassed smile.

"Well, well, well... Looks like even though Juan's Chinese isn't so good, he still has managed to pick up quite a number of idioms and speaks it better than Avery..." Jean remarked with a smile.

"I..." Juan was a little embarrassed on the remark but he forced a smile and asked a moment later, "Jean, do you really wish to know the kind of person Tina is? I can tell you that. In fact, I can show you. I'll call her and ask her to fly in at once."

Jean threw a look at Zed when she heard the idea.

She was thinking that she had only casually mentioned about wanting to know more about Tina just now. But Juan had instantly agreed to call her and request her to fly in at once.

To her, his trait was a little bit peculiar.

Zed smiled when he saw her looking at him but his face remained inscrutable. Evidently, he wanted her to solve her problem on her own this time.

Jean thought for a while, and then smiled. "Okay sure. I think that's a good idea. I don't have anything better to do these days and merely stay at home all day long. What's worse, none of my friends stay in the city and I have no one to talk to, which makes me feel so bored all the time and this sounds like a plan to beat that too. Once Tina is here, she can stay with me for several days."

"Jean, I was sure that you would agree, because I knew you're the smartest girl in the world. Don't worry. I'll call her right away!" Juan grinned happily and rushed out to make the call.

After making sure that Juan, on the other side of the room, was out of earshot, Jean whispered, "Zed... What's going on? What's up with Juan? Why does he look so excited with the prospect of Tina coming here? I seem to recall he saying that he didn't like her. Am I wrong? Because for the moment, he looks thrilled with the idea."

"It's just a cover," Zed explained in a low voice. "He hates to be constrained by anyone or anything. His family arranged his relationship with Tina and therefore, no matter where he goes, she stays by his side. The only time he was free is when he spent his years with me and other friends in the army. As far as I know, he hates her very much. Regardless of the kind of girl Tina is, he always

is very big and successful and their business has spread all over the world. Did you ever think about the reason why he chose to fight alongside us even after being born into so much money.

He is heir to the whole family. They have been grooming him ever since he was a little kid. Do you really think they are going to let him take such a risk and get bitter? They weren't even willing to let Juan join us but he did anyway and was stubborn enough to ignore their fancies.

He never gives up until he gets what he wants and he doesn't take anything less. Tina came to Juan's home when she was five years old. From then on, she has always stayed by his side. She will celebrate her twenty-fifth birthday this year. And even in those twenty years, she has failed to impress Juan enough to make him like her. And Juan himself hasn't started liking her even under immense pressure from his family. Do you know why?"

Zed stopped and cast a serious look on her face.

Surprised, Jean closed her mouth. She kept staring at him for a long while and then sighed, "I don't know whether Juan cares about Tina or not. But I am sure that Tina's heart belongs to him. Otherwise, as a girl, she wouldn't have done so much for a man she doesn't love.

When she was a five-year-old girl, she had no choice but to listen to what Juan's family told her to do. But now, she is twenty-five years old and an adult now. If she isn't leaving now, that means she clearly loves Juan and doesn't want to leave. Don't you get it Zed? She loves Juan!"

"Is that why you agreed to help the two of them? Or did you have something else in mind?"

Zed asked Jean in a tone that showed that he strongly disapproved.

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