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   Chapter 696 Fiancee Tina

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9293

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Juan, trying to persuade Jean, said, "That's right. See? I'm living a good life now. If our previous identities had been disclosed to others, I'd probably have been attacked on multiple occasions. Like, I might not even have been able to stand here and talk to you. All we really cared about was to trap every single enemy on every single mission.

It may sound like I'm boasting and exaggerating, and you even may have difficulty in believing this, but it's still the truth. We just wanted to deliver a job perfectly done every time!" Juan repeated for impact, his hands making the victory gesture triumphantly.

Zed had been quiet the entire time. Now he glared at Juan, thinking why Juan had to bring it up in such a proud voice now. "What's with the showing off, Juan?" he asked.

Juan smiled and put his hand down, still reminiscing.

"I'm sorry. Maybe I've just been thinking too much about it," Jean let out a sigh and said. "Maybe I have been badly influenced by television. I see so many people just avenging and revenging that I've become paranoid. Sometimes, I worry it will happen to me. And this is why I don't feel like talking to you about your real identity, as you keep referring it as. I'm afraid the more I know, the more I will have to worry about. But fortunately, after listening to the things you've told me, I feel somewhat relieved. Maybe I was worrying unnecessarily."

Jean seemed relieved to finally have it all out.

"Jean, I remember you said how reluctant you were to find out the truth about my past identity, and those bizarre things like you were afraid the truth will make you think you aren't worthy of me." Zed paused and looked at her, eyes squinting but in all seriousness. "How can you even think something like that? You are... so beautiful, so kind. In fact I'm afraid I don't deserve you..."

"Hey...shh..." Jean immediately stopped Zed from going on. Jean saw how he was downgrading himself. Gently she put a finger on his lips and shook her head, telling him to stop. "Zed, I admit that I have had thoughts like that. But it's all in the past. I promise that I will never advocate such silly ideas now. I love you so much and I'm so proud to be your wife. But you should promise me too. Promise that you'll never utter things like that again. We are both enough for each other. Understood?" she asked, softly.

Zed smiled and nodded. "Understood." The situation was so fulfilling. Zed couldn't stop smiling at the decisiveness in Jean's voice. It seemed like their relationship had crossed another hurdle and now there was just honesty and love to embrace.

It made him content that Jean had accepted him wholly and he did not feel even a hint of that ever-present anxiety he did before.

Juan had been quiet throughout

freaking salon."

"Go to the salon? Why would she even need to take care of her body and face and whatnot. I swear, she just maintains a long face all day long, as though everyone owes her a debt. Trust me, she doesn't need facial maintenance because no one would like to see her face at all with that expression!" Juan went on and on, continuously.

"She doesn't need any facial maintenance? Now I'm even more sure you have taken no effort to get to know your own fiancee,"

Jean declared with certainty.

"Come on! Don't call her my fiancee. Her name is Tina!" Juan refuted, hatred seeming to burn in his eyes.

Jean sighed helplessly and said, "How can you deny that! It seems like you really hate her, but I don't understand why." Juan sat with his head in his hand, trying to calm down. "So, do you want to get rid of her?" Jean questioned again.

Zed felt a need to intervene at this point and pinched Jean's hand, signalling her not to meddle in Juan's personal affairs.

Juan didn't notice that. He thought that Jean understood his feeling, so he asked, "Jean, you understand how I feel, right? You know how much this pains me, right? That's why you said that. You want to help me, right?" Juan's tone had taken to pleading now. Almost like a child wanting to turn the light on in a dark room. Jean seemed like a nightlight to him in that darkness.

"Of course, I will help you. You know how much I enjoy fixing things up for other people!" Jean looked at Juan and said with a smile that suggested something goofy. "But I have one condition. You must introduce her to me. This way I'll have a better understanding of her nature and then I'll be able to help you. Deal?" She put her hand forward. Juan found this tricky, but took her hand anyway. Zed just raised his eyebrows in disbelief, curious to see how things would turn out.

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