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   Chapter 694 What Do You Want To Talk About

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8084

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Juan sighed as he turned to Zed and said with pitiful eyes, "Zed, you used to be the smartest one among us. I have never expected that you would turn out to be so ambivalent and confused some day. Well, I think I can understand what Jean was thinking. Judging from our conversation and her attitude towards you, I can decipher that she loves you very much.

She told me that she did figure out what we really were despite our silence about the same to her. But she only knows a part of it. She doesn't know our exact identities. She must be aspiring to render us some respect by not peeking into our past. Or she might have thought that there exists no need to talk about the past since we have disbanded.

I learned from Jason that a senior high school student saved you then. Since Jean had met you in a bloody scene when she was so young, she must have understood how dangerous our jobs could be. Women are usually fainthearted. She may have been too scared to ask about that."

Upon hearing Juan's words, Zed frowned but he couldn't agree with Juan.

Zed didn't think Juan had made a fair point.

To Zed's mind, though Jean was affable, she was different from other women. She wouldn't be so scared as to not dare ask about his past.

But the question of what thought was lingering in Jean's mind troubled him.

What would it be?

As soon as Juan finished his words, he inhaled deeply. When he noticed that Zed was lost in thoughts, his curiosity turned irresistible and asked, "Zed, is there anything wrong with what I just said?"

"You are wrong," Zed claimed bluntly. "Never mind. We'll never figure it out. Just forget it. We shouldn't worry about it."

"Right." Juan nodded his head in agreement. He lifted the corners of his lips and added, "As long as you and Jean love each other and live a happy life, I'll remain satisfied. As to why Jean didn't look into your past, it was probably because she loves you so much. The fear of the possibility of knowing something that might have drifted both of you apart may have forced her to retreat."

"Because she loves me so much?" Upon hearing Juan's explanation, Zed remained startled as he asked, "Could that be a reason? I highly doubt it."

"Of course. That's a decisive reason. You are not aware that women are so exquisitely subtle at times. They are very often found to be hypersensitive even though they hardly show it on the outside. As

she didn't reply him immediately. She trotted aiming the couch in the living room and found herself a comfortable spot.

After Juan sat down on the couch beside her, Jean said, "Speak up! What is it?"

"Actually, it's Zed's problem which has been troubling him for a long time." Juan put on a smile on his face, cleared his throat and added, "He said that you already knew why you both would have gotten together but you hadn't asked about his past. He couldn't figure out what's on your mind. So he was quite confused and was a little worried."

"Worried?" Jean asked with confusion written all over her face.

"Yeah! Aren't you even a tiny bit curious about Zed's past?" Juan asked, scanning Jean's face.

"It's because despite not having asked about it, I am aware that you and Zed are just like the soldiers. But you and Zed are a little more mysterious than the ordinary soldiers. Your job is more dangerous than theirs and you are more powerful than them,"

Jean replied with an innocent chuckle.

Upon hearing Jean's words, Juan was startled at once as he couldn't find anything wrong with her words.

She was right. Their jobs had been just like what she described it.

A little more mysterious, more dangerous and more powerful than the other soldiers.

Thinking of that, Juan burst into an abhorrent laughter. He laughed so hard that he couldn't even hold back his tears.

Jean was astonished at Juan's exaggerated reaction.

She looked at him and couldn't help but ask in a cautious tone, "Did I say anything wrong? Even if I was wrong, please don't scare me like this, Juan."

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