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   Chapter 691 Zed's Trick

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 9775

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Zed was the least likely one to get married among his friends and yet he was the first to get married. If his friends knew this, then their feelings would be similar to that of Juan's.

Juan was dismayed at what Zed was asking of him. Zed noticed the stunned look on his face and gave out a long sigh. "Now, I believe you understand why I don't want you to tell the others this news."


'But one day if they were to find out that Zed was already married and I knew about it but didn't tell them, they would be furious with me. It's unfair. I don't want to be put in that situation and be scorned by them, ' Juan thought in despair.

"You're worrying too much about it, Juan. You just have to remember that if you don't tell them, then they won't suspect anything about it!" Zed tried hard to persuade Juan.

"Really?" Juan looked skeptical.

They both knew quite well that their other mates were not ordinary people and were all adept at getting information when they required it.

"Believe me, I'm not going to leak this news or let them know anything about it. You will be safe," Zed said nodding his head at Juan.

Juan felt some comfort from Zed's words and he seemed to be giving in. He let out a long sigh.

"Why don't you just share the good news with the others as well? They're all your good mates!" Juan asked with a puzzled look.

"That's because... Jean and I haven't had a wedding ceremony even though we have got our marriage license. Firstly I need to get everything in order and dealt with. Once that is done, I will have a proper wedding ceremony and will invite everyone that I know to join us. You should just act like you're unaware of the whole thing, and that way no one will guess if there's anything out of the ordinary,"

Zed explained with a big smile. But in his mind, he was creating a trap for Juan to fall into.

However, Juan was not that stupid. He knew this plan was not going to work. "Sorry, I can't do that," he said frowning. "It took me more than 20 hours to fly here and before I came, Jason already knew that I was going to China to see you. He had specifically asked me to send his greetings to you. All in all, they know that we are together now. What's more, your baby will already be born when you do have the wedding ceremony with Jean. So I can't lie. The whole story about 'not knowing' wouldn't make sense."

"Come on, Juan. You are so stupid!" Zed was getting frustrated with Juan. "Well, you don't have to deny that you've come to China to see me. But you can insist that you were totally unaware that Jean and I were married. Do you understand? As you all know, I value my personal privacy very much, so it's understandable that you wouldn't have known about it."

"That sounds reasonable." Juan's face suddenly lit up, and then he clapped his hands with excitement and said, "That's great. Let's do it that way. As long as I play dum

said, frustrated.

Jean frowned with concern and looked at him with sympathy in her eyes.

"So Jean, you must persuade Zed to tell them the news of your marriage earlier and not wait until the day of the wedding ceremony. You wouldn't want to know how terrible they are when they get mad,"

Juan said with a pitiful look. He was trying hard to persuade Jean.

"I can imagine how terrible your friends could be even if you didn't tell me. So I believe that you are telling the truth," she said, nodding thoughtfully.

"Really?" Juan's face lit up with hope, that she would convince Zed to change his mind and tell them all instead of keeping it a secret.

"Yes, think about it. Just having you in our home has made things difficult for us these two days. So I'm sure if they all had come with you, you guys might have caused an uproar here in H City! I have decided to stand on Zed's side with this matter. Zed is right and I respect his decision. Juan, I'm sorry but I can't help you. You are all close friends with a strong bond, so I don't think that they will blame you for keeping this from them. But if they really get angry with you, then please just let them vent out their anger on you for securing a happy life of Zed and I. We'll appreciate your help, Juan."

Jean touched Juan's shoulder sympathetically and sighed.

The happy look on Juan's face was suddenly replaced by astonishment. He stared dumbly at Jean who was pretending to be innocent. It never occurred to him that she was capable of being so cruel to say such words with a smile. 'Just let them vent out their anger on me?! Oh, Jean, you're so merciless to me!'

Suddenly, the sound of applause jolted Juan from his thoughts.

Turning his head, Juan saw Zed come in from the living room clapping his hands with a content smile on his face. Juan felt humiliated.

'Well, it seems that this couple are both difficult to handle, ' Juan thought furiously.

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