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   Chapter 690 You Are So Stupid

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 6753

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Zed was a little bit angry. Juan didn't know what Zed would do to him if he didn't listen to him this time.

With a repentant and fearful look on Juan's face, he slowly moved towards Zed.

Jean was amused by the two men. If she had not provoked Juan just now, he would not dare to be so blunt in front of Zed.

Jean was supposed to feel bad that she was the reason for the argument. However, she sat back and relaxed as she watched Juan get in trouble with Zed.

"Zed, I'm really tired. Could you please let me go upstairs and take a nap?"

Juan looked piteously at Zed pleading with him.

"Don't be anxious. I just want to make things clear to you. Jean and I were not making out with each other just now. Just tell me what you saw."

Zed raised his voice at Juan, again.

'I saw it with both eyes,'

Juan thought, daring not to speak out aloud.

From the obvious discontent on Juan's face, Zed could guess what he was thinking. He sighed and lowered his voice.

"Something sad happened to Jean's family. So don't make any more trouble. Come over and apologize to her and then you can go upstairs and take a nap,"

Zed looked at Juan and explained to him.

'Apologize? To me?'

Jean was surprised by Zed's words. "Zed, I don't need an apology," she hastened to explain to them as she waved her hands. "It was me that started the fire. So it should be me apologizing to Juan. Sorry, Juan. I shouldn't have said that you are an idiot. I just wanted to make a joke, to lighten the atmosphere."

"Jean, It is me who should say sorry. I misunderstood you two and provoked you by saying that. I apologize, sincerely." Juan felt a little guilty when Jean apologized to him.

"Well, now that we have apologized to each other. How about we let it go?" Jean didn't want to continue this awkward conversation. Zed felt funny about the conversation between Jean and Juan and burst out laughing.

"Are we good now?" Juan looked at Zed and asked cautiously.

'In the past when I was with Ze

you are the first to be married and to be a father? I can't imagine it anyway. I can't help but laugh whenever I imagine how dramatical their expressions would be."

"So don't tell them for now," Zed said in an imperative tone of voice.

"Why? They are all friends who had ever gone through fire and water with you. Why can't you tell them that you have gotten married? Zed, I can promise you anything else unconditionally, but this one, sorry, I am not going to listen to you,"

Juan said to Zed seriously.

Zed knew it was not a joke. Juan was serious about it. He sighed to himself and said, "We have been separated for so many years and all of us live in different places. Why should I divert their attention with such a thing?"

"Such a thing? It is a big thing, a happy thing, okay? They will be very excited if you tell them,"

Juan retorted upon Zed. Obviously he disagreed with him.

"What will they do if they are informed of this news? They will travel here from a different place, just like you did,"

Zed said with a stern tone.

Juan did not think too much. There was a silence for a few seconds.

He thought of the time when Zed called him and told him that he had gotten married. The only thing he wanted to do was to fly there immediately and see what his wife looked like.

That's why he came so soon.

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