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   Chapter 689 Is Her Condition Getting Worse

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 6387

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For long, there had been only one person who would call to the landline phone at the house.

Zed gave the shopping bags to Juan, who was still yawning, and then held Jean's hand as they rushed inside.

Juan got surprised by Zed's sudden move. He watched them leave. After a little while, he came back to his senses.

But Zed returned from the house and stood in front of Juan. Then he asked, "Did they say anything on the phone?"

"Nothing! I wanted to answer it but I couldn't find your landline phone. When I did, it had stopped ringing,"

said Juan. The look on Zed's face became serious and he went back to the house.

Jean was waiting anxiously as she stood next to the phone in the living room.

Zed gasped for air as he came back into the living room. He said, "Juan just told me that he didn't answer the phone."

Jean nodded and looked at Zed.

Zed understood what Jean meant by that look. He picked up the phone and dialled back quickly.

The phone was soon picked up by someone. After a few pleasantries, there was silence on the other end. After a little while, a woman with a husky voice answered the phone. Zed talked for a little while and then passed the phone to Jean.

Jean had fixed her eyes on Zed as he talked on the phone. She panicked as soon as Zed was about to hand over the phone to her.

She knew it was Joy on the other end. Though it had been just a few days since she visited her in the hospital, she wondered how things were going with Joy. 'Is she having a good time?

She did say that she would lead a good life and that she would listen to the doctor.

But why did she call?

Is she getting worse?

Or is there something else?'

thought Jean. Juan walked in with a resentful look on his face.

He held back to whatever he had come to say as he sensed the sad atmosphere of the room.

Juan looked at Zed and Jean with a confused

Zed as he picked up a few bags.

Juan was embarrassed too, so he said, "I'm sorry Zed! I didn't mean to startle you."

"I get it! It's okay!" Zed looked at Juan and smiled warmly.

Juan felt that the whole situation was a bit weird. He thought confusedly, 'Why doesn't Zed blame me? Why isn't he scolding me?

Why is he smiling at me? That's not the way Zed used to treat me!'

Zed picked up all the bags while Juan was still lost in thoughts.

Jean noticed that Juan was shocked. He looked like a fool now.

So she asked Zed worriedly, "Zed, don't you think that Juan is a bit slow in understanding things? Did he sleep too much? Why does he look like an idiot now?"

'An idiot?

Are they talking about me?'

Juan finally came back to his senses and looked at Jean resentfully. "You are the one who is an idiot! It was really embarrassing for me to watch you two make out in public!"

Then Juan turned around and started walking upstairs.

However, after hearing how Juan retorted against Jean, Zed couldn't let him get away with it easily.

Zed called out to Juan in a serious tone, "Juan!"

Juan stopped walking. He stood on the stairs, stiff and terrified.

"Get over here! Right now!" said Zed angrily as he saw Juan standing still.

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