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   Chapter 688 Are You Embarrassed Of Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7958

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"Is this necklace for Maranda?" Zed asked dubiously.

'It's beautiful and looks better than the golden rings they've bought.

But it's a bit too cheap to be a wedding gift for Maranda, ' he thought.

Jean looked at Zed, reading the expression on his face. She smiled, as if she had already figured out what was on his mind. "It's nice, right?" Jean said. "It looks absolutely stunning for its price! If you have no problems with it, I've made up my mind about this one," Jean turned to the shop assistant and handed the necklace carefully to her. "We'll take this one. Make sure to wrap it up nicely, please," Jean beamed at the shop assistant.

"Yes, Mrs. Qi." The shop assistant nodded and took the necklace from Jean. She went behind the counter and got a small box and some paper. Her hands flew in the air as she expertly wrapped up the jewelry.

"Jean, I really don't understand," Zed whispered to Jean. "I know you don't like overly luxurious jewelry. And okay, I get it. You don't want to be too flashy." He tugged Jean slightly to move away from the salesladies in the shop. He leaned in closer, and lowered his voice even more, "But now it's a wedding gift for Maranda. Don't you think it's a little..."

Zed trailed off.

"A little too what?" Jean looked up at Zed's eyes and smiled. "Zed, are you saying the necklace is cheap? Do you have any other suggestions then? Expensive gifts are not always the best gifts, you know. That's why I bought this necklace and our golden rings.

I can wear the ring everyday without drawing too much attention to myself. I just want to be simple, that's all. And I think Maranda would feel the same way as well. Therefore, the necklace is the most suitable one for her. I think she'll like the necklace," Jean said.

"I guess you're right." Zed smiled. He relaxed a bit. "I'm sorry that I doubted you. Okay, the necklace is packed in the gift box now. Let's go get your gift and get out of here."

Zed went over to the counter and paid for the jewelries by credit card. He took the gift box and went back over to Jean, holding her tight around her waist.

She beamed at Zed, and soon they were out of the store.

"Thank you and come back again!" the salesladies said, their voices ringing in the air.

When Jean and Zed were finally out of sight, the salesladies huddled together to gossip.

"Mrs. Qi


Zed sighed with relief when he saw Jean smile. He smiled back at her.

It was then he realized something: he couldn't control everyone around him, and he certainly couldn't prevent gossip.

But none of that was important. What mattered most, he thought, was Jean and that he could always be with her and make her happy.

It was as simple as that.

They went around the mall some more, hand in hand, buying a couple of articles of clothing and other small trinkets. Soon after, they went back to their car and drove back home.

As they neared the mansion, they saw that Juan was standing outside the door, yawning widely.

Jean and and Zed got out of the car. Zed frowned.

Juan didn't look too good with his messy hair and squinted eyes.

"Juan, why did you get up? Did you miss us that much?"

Jean teased.

Zed glanced at Jean. 'Well, she's in a good mood, ' Zed thought.

Juan gave a slight smile. 'This couple do enjoy teasing me!'

"Why, what happened?" Zed asked as he noticed that Juan wanted to say something.

"Well... the telephone at your home kept ringing! I mean, you have a mobile, right?" he asked Zed. "Why do you still have a landline phone here? And why didn't the person call your mobile phone instead?"

Juan got confused as he asked Zed.

Zed and Jean were taken aback 'The landline phone at home was ringing? But it seldom rang, ' they both thought.

Zed and Jean looked at each other, the expression on their faces unreadable. The mood had suddenly and unexpectedly changed when they suddenly thought of something.

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