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   Chapter 687 Whatever You Like

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"All right, all right. My bad! I mean that the decoration on the gold rings for couples is identical. It would look adorable if we put them on together!"

Jean shook Zed's arm excitedly.

Zed sighed silently seeing that Jean wanted gold jewelry so much instead of diamonds.

Did he marry a fool? Or did she have not a little knowledge about jewelry?

Imagine, marrying a woman who didn't love diamonds, but gold!

God, who would ever believe that?

But since Jean chose gold instead of diamonds, Zed had to meet her demand.

The senior saleswoman had already taken out the ring with a really big diamond. She looked at Zed eagerly.

She smiled as soon as she saw Zed and Jean walk towards her.

"I'm sorry, but can you please show us some gold rings for couples?" said Zed as he nodded at the saleswoman apologetically.

The saleswoman was shocked for a moment. She couldn't believe what Zed had said.

She looked at Zed in confusion and then looked at Jean.

Jean smiled regretfully and said, "I like gold. So please show us some gold rings for couples!"

The senior saleswoman finally understood and her face darkened.

Just because Zed was with Jean, the saleswoman didn't dare to say anything in front of Mr. Qi.

Besides, it was the customers' right to choose whatever they liked.

The saleswoman had thought that she would be dealing with rich clients for big business.

She would not have to worry about her annual bonus if Zed and Jean had bought a diamond ring.

But who would have known that the glorious wife of Zed Qi, was only interested in gold rings?

The gold rings were only seen on the fingers of normal couples on the street.

The senior saleswoman was sizing up Jean. She was good-looking, but not the best.

She found Jean a little petty.

Jean Wen was from the Wen Group, but it seemed unimportant when it came to the great Qi Group. Jean was not a perfect match for Mr. Qi in the saleswoman's eyes.

Although she was lucky enough to marry Mr Qi, she was never born to enjoy life.

The saleswoman looked at Jean scornfu

ished to marry a loving and caring husband.

Mrs. Qi was obviously among those who had fulfilled their wishes. She was the luckiest.

Not only did she marry a handsome and rich man, but she was also loved by him a lot.

How much the saleswoman hoped that she could be Mrs. Qi...

"May I have a look at this?" said Jean as she stopped at the necklace counter and pointed at a necklace. The necklace was mounted with a one-carat diamond and surrouded with gems.

The shop assistant who was responsible for the necklace counter was taken aback and she rubbed her eyes to make sure that it wasn't her illusion. Then, she quickly took out the necklace.

Jean examined the necklace carefully. It was quite obvious that Jean loved the necklace.

When she worked with Maranda in the past, she noticed that Maranda didn't even have an ordinary necklace. Maranda was not fond of accessories.

But it was her wedding so she had to buy a lot of accessories now.

The ring that Zed had wanted to buy for her a moment ago had the biggest diamond on it.

But they didn't have many chances to wear expensive jewelry like that.

Neither she nor Maranda were a show-off.

So, Jean planned to give Maranda an ordinary but newly designed necklace as a gift.

Then, Maranda could wear it anywhere without being called a show-off.

"Zed, do you like it?" asked Jean, as she looked at Zed.

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