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   Chapter 686 Are You Thinking Too Much

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 11392

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It seemed to Jean that she had asked the wrong guy to accompany her for shopping. Zed was definitely not the right man for this job.

'Given the situation, how am I supposed to pick a perfect gift for Maranda with him? I don't even think he can give me any advice on it.

On a brighter side, there is still time left for Maranda's wedding. So there is no need to panic now. I will take some time out for this duty, ' she consoled herself.

'Anyway, I am supposed to be happy that he has come for shopping with me. He is such a busy guy and I find it hard to remember the last time when we went shopping together, ' thought Jean. With the shift of thoughts, she suddenly became cheerful again. Rather than sulking, now she was excited to be with Zed for this much needed leisure time.

'Well, it's been almost three months since I am pregnant.

How time flies! My baby is about to be three months old!' she exclaimed internally.

She realized it was going to be difficult for her as once stomach started to grow bigger. 'Clothes! Shouldn't I be getting some clothes for the baby?' thought Jean feeling excited. The thought of baby's birth brought intense joy in Jean's heart.

After a while, Zed drove the car into the parking lot of the mall. After the car was parked, the two of them entered the gate of the mall. They walked directly towards the baby clothes stores, hand in hand. Earlier in the car, Jean mentioned to Zed about her desire to get clothes for the baby. Hearing her request, Zed immediately nodded his consent.

As they went up taking the escalator to the designated floor, they found the entire floor to be dedicated for the mother and baby.

The sight impressed Jean and she was immediately enchanted by a lovely little dress in front of her.

'How small is this dress! Will my baby be able to fit into this?'

Her eyes shifted from that to another one. 'Wow, this one is so lovely. Is it for a boy or a girl?' wondered Jean. One by one, her eyes drifted from one dress to another.

Every time she looked at a piece of clothing, she found it hard to tear her eyes away from it. She felt overwhelmed with joy in this place.

On the other hand, Zed stayed close to Jean while she was engaged with the clothes. Noticing that she was satisfied with everything displayed there, he could not help feeling happy in his heart. "We'll buy them all if you like..."

"No way," responded Jean as she turned and looked at him, shaking her head vigorously. With traces of seriousness on her face, she added, "We don't even know the gender of our baby yet. Maybe we should come and do the shopping later. We should probably wait for some more time and select the right ones."

"Well, I have no objection against what you said. But I am afraid that you won't want to do shopping later," replied Zed as he looked at Jean with a smile.

'It's not that I think she'll be too lazy to come outside. It's just that her body will be huge in the following few months of her pregnancy.

From what I know of Jean, she really worries about what other people think.

I'm pretty sure she won't be happy when people begin to stare at her in public places, ' thought Zed in his mind.

"We are here to buy maternity clothes, right? We might as well get some baby clothes," Zed continued to persuade her patiently.

After his speech, Jean could not help flushing with shame.

n a while to realize it. When she noticed it, she gaped in astonishment.

She suddenly felt guilty for showing him no respect in a public place. The severity of what she had done came to her mind. She kicked herself hard internally and bit her tongue with embarrassment.

"Well, Zed, you did remind me of that we don't even own a love token since we met. And now that we are here for shopping, why don't we pick a pair of couple rings today?" asked Jean carefully, rolling her eye balls. Then she fixed her eyes on him and waited for his response patiently.

Seeing the guilt on her face, all the fury in his heart dissipated. He knew that she was making up for what she had just said a moment ago.

"You're right. And you also remind me of that I've owed you a ring all this time," replied Zed and nodded at Jean's words. He then turned and looked at the shining diamond rings in the cabinets, and spoke to the shop assistants, "Please show us the most expensive diamond ring with the biggest diamond in your shop…"

As soon as those words were spurted out from his mouth, all of the shop assistants' faces lit up once again.

Meanwhile, someone who looked like the senior shopping guide quickly took out the keys in her pocket and opened the safe for them.

However, Jean stood shocked next to Zed. She didn't mean her earlier words and said it only to please Zed.

His desire of wanting to own the most expensive diamond ring made her face look pale. There was a feeling of unease in her heart and she had no idea how to get out of this.

"Zed…" called Jean as she took his hand and pulled him to the corner. And she added, "Just buy something that we can wear every day. I don't want it to be the most expensive ring. If I buy something so expensive then I can't wear it outside. What's the use of it?"

"Wait, why can't you wear an expensive ring outside?" asked Zed with confusion written all over his face.

"I will be so stressed with such a costly ring on my finger! Therefore, I'd prefer not to wear it all the time. Let's buy a pair of gold couple rings! These days couples prefer those. Moreover, they are both beautiful and affordable…"

'Affordable? Excuse me?'

uttered Zed in his mind and a dirty look made its way to his face.

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