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   Chapter 684 Who Is She Looking At

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7955

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"You can't blame me for that. You got carried away in the conversation and failed to notice me. That is not my fault." Juan cast a look at Jean and told her grievously.

What he was saying was true and Jean was embarrassed to hear that. In her discussion with Zed about Juan, she had discreetly observed Juan's movement. But unknowingly, Juan had already stood close to them.

Therefore, he might have heard part of their conversation and now knew that they were discussing about him only, which they had never intended for to happen.

However, it was too late now and they couldn't do anything about it. What they were afraid of, had become a reality now.

"Juan, I am so sorry. I didn't know how serious the matter was until just now. I didn't foresee that in my efforts to keep Moore and Avery together, I brought so much trouble on you, which is wrong, whether intentional or not,"

Jean looked at him and apologized.

"Jean, I am going to get furious if you keep saying that. And Zed, I can understand why you are so worried. The truth is, you still don't know whether I am capable enough or not. However, there is one thing about me you should be clear about. If I am not sure about something, I don't pursue it. You see, I have been living an easy life all for the last couple of years. I have had nothing challenging or adventurous to do for quite a while now.

And therefore, I am eager to get back into the battlefield now. Besides, this battleground belongs to you. Whatever happens, I know that you have my back, which strengthens my resolve. Zed, please don't say something that would horrify or scare Jean."

Juan looked at Zed and tried to assure him with a big smile.

"I know you, Juan. I know that you're capable enough. But if you have to start all over again, I…"

Zed's expression showed that he was blaming himself inside.

"Stop being so bothered about this thing, Zed." Juan interrupted his musings and declared, "We've already decided. You just wait and see while I prove my capability to you. Right now, we've seen what we came here for and filled our bellies. So when are we heading back?"

He ended his sentence with a question.

Juan was in no mood to witness what he called 'the mystery of the nature'.

It was his belief that places which were too quiet and too sedate made people feel lazy.

His heart was all se

y liked it." Jean reacted and managed to find a convincing explanation.

Slowly, Zed's mind accepted her explanation and he became at ease.

"If you like it so much, then we can come here more often. It is our home. You don't have to feel bad." Zed tried to comfort her.

"Yes. Sure. I would love to come here more often." Jean nodded in agreement and after a short pause, she asked again, "Zed, you told me earlier that you are supporting Connie's daughter in her education."

"That's right." Zed was surprised that Jean would ask this question so suddenly. Puzzled, he asked, "What's the matter? Is there a problem?"

"I am puzzled. Since you have been supporting her for so long, why is it so that today was the first time you actually saw her? I guess you have been paying her education fees for years now," Jean asked with a smile.

"The manor was built three years ago. That's when I hired Connie. So I've been helping Lily, Connie's daughter, since then only. The year after the manor was built, Victor and Connie asked me not to give money to them for their daughter's education because they get their wages every month anyway. But I thought it was still difficult for them to support their daughter's education, so I told them that I would continue paying her fees until she graduates from high school. When she starts going to college, her parents will have to pay her tuition and expenses themselves. And I rarely visited the manor. And even when I did, Lily was usually at school which is why we never met until today."

Jean nodded to show that she understood.

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