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   Chapter 683 Genius and Maniac

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 10276

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"Honey, if you were happy, why were you silent in a daze? I was frightened by your silence, because of which I was worried that I might have done something wrong to infuriate you to this extent,"

said Zed and groaned when he realized what Jean would have been thinking.

As she noticed Zed's nervousness, bewildered Jean shifted her gaze to Zed and smilingly explained, "I stayed silent because of enjoying the peaceful serenity for the moment. Moreover, now I feel tired and exhausted. But in order to digest the food I have just hogged, I think I have to buckle up my boots and take a walk for some time."

Jean's explanation seemed satisfactory to extinguish Zed's worries. Then, he escorted Jean while she took a walk around the courtyard.

"Zed, I have noticed that you have reverted back to your old habits," Jean blurted out to Zed when she recognized Juan, who was being mesmerized by the landscape around him and looking rather lonely as she judged his tall figure from behind.

"What?" Zed questioned back, perhaps unpleased with her remark. He hadn't observed the changes in Jean's facial expressions and thus he had no idea what Jean was trying to imply.

"I mean that you should treat Juan in an amiable manner! At the very least, he is your good friend. He is entitled to a significant amount of respect and appreciation from you no matter in private or in public," Jean said firmly, not trying to hide her discomfort in his behaviour towards Juan so far.

"How long-winded he is!" retorted Zed disapprovingly, as a last resort to not accept his demeaning nature which was revealed in having treated Juan that way. To add on to his feeble argument, he continued, "He should rather be filled with great joy in his heart for the simple fact that I haven't yet chosen to punish him in spite of his constant pestering. Trust me, the day I consider doing it is not far."

Upon hearing his rude words, Jean asked out of great curiosity, "Zed, you have been bullying him that way previously? That's unbelievable!"

"Previously..." Zed was dazed by Jean's unexpected question, which necessitated a pause before he could finish his sentence. Meanwhile, his facial expressions were letting him down mercilessly. With his gaze fixed on Jean, he sighed and continued in a gentle tone, "Of all my friends, Juan was the youngest and caused troubles most often in the past. But it was perhaps just because of this personality that made him the greatest achiever in the professional arena among all of us when some years passed by."

Jean couldn't believe her ears. She had never dreamed these words would be uttered out of her husband who had been ruthlessly arrogant all this while.

'Is Zed actually sighing in acknowledgement and contempt of someone else's superiority?

It seems that I really shouldn't have judged Juan solely by his appearance!

Because of his great achievements, Juan set up a branch here in H City immediately after answering a phone call from Zed, ' thought Jean, who finally realized what kind of person Juan really was fr

her face.

"Hmm?" Zed replied in bewilderment, staring at Jean and waiting for more words from her that she seemed to be struggling to speak out.

"Please be kinder to Juan from now onwards. No matter how he badgers you or whatever he wants to do, I wish that you treat him kindly, only if my wish means anything to you," Jean pleaded Zed earnestly, hoping that he would fulfil her wish.

While listening to her, Zed kept his eyes on Jean noticing the deep affection and gratitude that she seemed to harness from her face.

"Okay," replied Zed in a little hoarse voice and nodded in agreement. Then, he cleared his throat before he added, "I will try my best to refrain myself from treating him badly, and to be kinder to him."

Zed's reply pleased Jean, who chose to smile aimlessly.

But when she looked toward Juan who was still alone on the other side, Jean still felt extremely guilty and remorseful.

Owing to her spontaneous impulse, she had brought about a ton of difficulties to Zed and Juan.

She had been simple-minded all this time. Originally, she was under the impression that setting up a branch would be helpful for stabilizing the romantic relationship between Avery and Moore.

But contrary to her expectations, heavier burdens were caused after the establishment of the branch.

"Zed, you have taken it too seriously, and your words will definitely upset Jean,"

interrupted Juan a little unhappily, who suddenly showed up in front of Zed and Jean.

When they saw Juan, both of their eyes met, as they weren't sure how much of their conversations he might have overheard.

Thinking of this, both of their facial expressions turned absolutely sceptical.

Hadn't they noticed that Juan stood at a place not so far away from them?

Then, how could he have appeared in front of them mysteriously and stealthily?

When Zed was still in the shock of Juan's unforeseen appearance, Jean came back to her senses and posed a question without rendering it much thought.

"When did you come here?"

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