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   Chapter 682 You Are So Sweet

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7715

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The chicken soup was really delicious.

Jean had thought that the soup might taste a bit oily, but luckily it didn't. Jean loved Connie's recipe.

The soup tasted light and healthy.

It was seasoned with a very nice flavour that stimulated Jean's appetite. Besides, she had already felt hungry after a long walk in the orchard.

A little while, Jean finished her soup and her casserole only had a few bones of the chicken.

After she finished her soup, Jean felt a bit awkward because she had said earlier that she couldn't eat the entire casserole of soup alone.

Well, she did finish the soup alone now. Jean thought secretly, 'I ate the soup after I told them that I couldn't. What will Connie think of me? She'll definitely think of me as a foodie and a hypocrite as well. What a shame!'

Zed was surprised but really happy at the same time as he saw Jean finishing her casserole of soup.

'The doctor was right. Jean is gradually back with her appetite after almost three months of pregnancy, ' Zed thought happily.

"It's really delicious!" exclaimed Juan as he praised Connie's cooking skills. Juan had already finished the soup, and now he was eating the chicken.

After a little while, Juan finished the chicken completely. The soup was so good. Juan felt like he could eat more.

He raised his eyebrows awkwardly to look at Jean. When he noticed that Jean was done with her soup too, he asked, "Jean, the soup was really good, wasn't it?"

"Yes, really nice!" Jean nodded in agreement and a faint smile crept up on her face.

They both had never expected for the soup to be this good.

And they didn't think that they could finish the whole casserole of soup. But now the fact was that they had devoured the soup completely, so they both felt kind of embarrassed.

Soon, Zed smiled at them and he immediately understood what they were thinking about. To distract them, Zed said, "Try some vegetables! Fresh, ripe, organic, all these vegetables are grown by Victor, Connie's husband, in his garden."

Zed picked up his chopsticks and began eating after he said that.

Jean, who sat next to Zed, stroked her stomach as she had eaten a lot.

But as she thought about the nice flavour of the soup, she couldn't help picking up some vegetables with her chops

because I think they are honest. That was the only reason why I told them to look after the manor. Their salaries are decided by market pay rates. But they couldn't afford to send their daughter to school, so I gave a little help to them. It seems like Lily will have to go to college next year. If everything goes well, I suppose they don't need our help and can support their daughter to go to college themselves."

"Even if they can't, you will help their daughter, right?" Juan interrupted.

"Zip your lips!" Zed scolded loudly. He was really annoyed by Juan.

Juan immediately stopped talking as he realized that Zed was angry at him. Then he walked away.

Zed noticed that Jean was still silent. He got worried and asked, "What's the matter, Jean?" Is something wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong!" Jean took a breath and said, "I'm glad that you will help Connie and her family. Although I haven't met Victor yet, I love staying with Connie and Lily. Later, if we come to the manor again, we won't feel lonely with the company of them."

"Since you like them so much, why were you silent just now? Or you didin't like what Juan said?"

Zed asked in confusion.

"It's not that! I was just thinking about their unfair fate. They have such a harmonious family and they love each other too. But they have to face financial problems. You know, Zed? I'm really lucky! My family didn't love me but then I met you. And you give me everything that I had ever wanted. I like this manor, our new home! I'm happy being here!" Jean said.

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