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   Chapter 681 Be Cautious Of Your Image

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 8927

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"I think Zack is a very amorous man. Magnolia is already married now, but Zack has not recovered from his failed relationship with her. Therefore, if he is left alone in the room for a long period of time, it's not good for his mental health. I'm afraid that he might do something unexpected. Should we take some time off to see him when we come back?" Jean looked at Zed and advised.

Zed nodded his head in approval once Jean finished speaking.

Even though Jean and Zack were not as close as Zed was to Zack, Zack was still her friend, so she cared about him very much.

Jean was truly a kind-hearted woman, and Zed was very touched by her care and consideration towards his friend.

Zed and Jean walked aimlessly around the orchard. After walking for a while, both of them were tired, so they went to a nearby pavilion to have a rest.

In the pavilion, desserts and fruits were prepared in advance and neatly placed on the wooden table.

Jean was surprised to see the diverse assortments of fruits and desserts on the table. She walked to the table, picked up a pear and took a bite out of it.

The pear was tender and juicy, and it tasted sweet and crispy. Once she took a bite, she felt her mouth was overflowing with an exquisite aroma.

Jean found the pear so delicious that with every mouthful she was filled with great enjoyment.

Juan was nowhere to be seen from the beginning, but suddenly he slipped in the pavilion while Jean was talking to Zed. As soon as he came into the pavilion, he saw the desserts and fruits on the table, so he randomly picked up one and ate it with ease.

As he was eating, he asked, "Zed, when are we going back? I'm starving to death!"

"Didn't you have breakfast this morning?" There suddenly appeared a serious expression on Zed's face when he heard Juan say that he was hungry.

Juan easily grew hungry if he didn't have anything to eat for hours, and he had had this problem for years.

He was also prone to some health problems caused by hunger. He would feel dazed when he was hungry and if the condition was serious, he would even pass out.

So, because of his strange problem, Juan had to eat whenever he felt hungry. It might sound a bit ridiculous, but he really enjoyed eating whenever he saw foods.

That's why he was often made fun of by others as a foodie.

Juan was afraid that Zed would get worried about his health, so he grew nervous inside. Juan quickly waved his hands and explained, "Zed, you needn't worry about me so much. It's not serious this time. I feel fine now."

Zed finally felt a little relieved after hearing what Juan had said.

He looked up at the br

hy not try some?"

Zed explained with a smile.

Then a young and elegant girl followed Connie out to serve another casserole, which was the same dish as what Connie had just served.

Two casseroles were placed in front of Jean and Juan.

Juan was very hungry, so he couldn't wait anymore. The delicious food was just placed in front of him! He lifted the lid of the casserole with anticipation, and the steaming vapors rose out of it.

The delicious smell filled the air and made everyone hardly wait to start eating.

"Zed, let's try this chicken soup together!" Jean pushed the casserole in front of Zed and looked at him with a sweet smile.

"Jean you have to eat all the soup. This chicken soup is good for you and our baby. It will give a lot of necessary nutrition!". Zed stared at Jean affectionately and said.

"Come on, Zed. This is too much, and I can't finish all of this by myself!" Hearing what Zed said, suddenly, an embarrassed look appeared on Jean's face.

"Never mind, baby. Eat as much as you can. If you can't finish it, then we can take it home and I'll reheat it for you in the evening." Zed looked at Jean and smiled.

"What? Do you want to pack this and take it away later?" Jean looked at Zed in amazement.

"Don't underestimate this chicken soup. This is made by the free-range chickens raised by Connie, which will supply you with all the nutrients you need during pregnancy," Zed smiled at Jean and explained. "I've talked to Connie, too. She told me that you need to have something nutritious at this critical period of pregnancy. This way, not only will you grow healthier, but our baby will be plump and healthy when he is born."

Hearing Zed's persuasion, Jean finally gave in, so she continued to eat the chicken soup.

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