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   Chapter 680 I Won't Bother You Two

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7397

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"We all use this kind of tricycle to carry fruits across the orchard, sir. It's more convenient that way," the servant explained as he pedaled on his tricycle.

"Well, I see! You don't have to talk to me now. Just concentrate on pedaling your tricycle." Juan saw that the servant was really exhausted and his breaths were coming in gasps. Juan felt sorry for him so he quickly stopped him from talking.

The servant nodded, turned around and went on pedaling his tricycle.

No matter how slow the tricycle was, it was at least faster than walking. They quickly caught up with Zed and Jean.

Juan suddenly felt happy. He stood up excitedly, waved at them and shouted, "Hey! I won't bother you two. I'll go first. See you later!"

As soon as Juan finished shouting, he deliberately raised his eyebrows at Zed to tease him.

Zed was amused by his childish behavior and he only looked at Juan's arrogant figure silently.

On the other hand, Jean was not looking at Juan. She was looking at the servant, who was riding the tricycle. He was sweating and panting.

She asked with concern, "Why did you buy this kind of tricycle, Zed? I've seen a lot of people on the street riding electric tricycles, which is much more convenient than the tricycle that the servant is riding on."

"Well, the path is flat now, but as we go farther, the land will get rugged, rocky and hilly. When going up a slope, if one worker pedals from the front and two workers push from behind, then the tricycle can go up the slope easily. But the electric tricycle is too heavy to use in steep hilly areas. So it's convenient for workers to ride on such tricycles."

"Oh, I see!" As soon as Jean heard that, she nodded.

'If the road is not good, then there is no way that they would be able to use electric tricycles,'

Jean thought. After walking for more than half an hour, they saw a beautiful scene in front of them. The overwhelming green color of the trees instantly made them happy. Even the air they breathed was fresh.

"Now is the ripening season of pears, but because the weather is too hot, I've instructed the workers to work half a day. They pick pears from the orchard during that time," Zed took Je

rolled her eyes.

Zed smiled helplessly without saying anything.

Now that they mentioned Zack, something crossed Jean's mind and she asked curiously, "By the way, since Zack went to see Jesse's cousin, we barely saw him."

At the beginning of their marriage, Jean used to see Zack show up in front of Zed and her all the time.

Now he suddenly disappeared, and she really missed him.

"Well, the guy must be healing his heart by himself! Let's leave him alone for the time being. He'll be back once he feels better!" said Zed casually, but deep down, he was worried.

'Zack's feelings for Magnolia were quite obvious.

He waited for her for many years, but then he got the news that Magnolia got married.

That was the worst blow for him because he loved her so much.

But everything happened so fast and no one could help him.

Now it is only up to him to forget and let go of this, ' thought Zed and sighed deeply.

"Zed, I know that we shouldn't meddle, but since he is a really good friend of yours, we should be concerned. You know a word of concern from a friend can sometimes bring hope to that person. Zed, since Zack is your friend, you shouldn't act indifferently,"

suggested Jean as she looked at Zed. Zed smiled helplessly when he heard what Jean said. Then he said, "It's not that I don't care about him, but since he came back, he has locked himself in his room. He doesn't want anyone to visit him. And I can't see him either."

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