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   Chapter 679 I Am Glad That You Like It

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 8585

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Jean, forever curious, peered slowly inside. She shifted her weight onto one leg and bent to the side to catch a glimpse of the bedroom. Her jaw dropped soon after, she was dumbfounded.

The design of the hallway was modeled with a simple, minimalistic Japanese style in mind, so Jean expected the bedroom to be spartan, yet reminiscent of the Japanese aesthetic.

She couldn't have been more wrong. The bedroom was totally different.

The entire walls of the room were adorned with pink, floral patterns and pastel hues. It was breathtaking.

The bedroom, also had a living room connected to it. Inside the latter, there were roses, daffodils, carnations, and various other flowers Jean didn't know the names of growing and blooming in colorful clay pots spread neatly across the room.

"They're all real!"

Jean exclaimed in excitement as she reached out to touch one of the rose petals.

"Well, do you prefer the fake ones then?" Zed joked as he walked towards his beaming wife.

"Why, of course not! Zed, thank you." Jean looked at him with a loving gaze. It was obvious she loved and appreciated this man so much.

Zed gently wrapped his arms around Jean in an embrace, rested his chin on her head and sighed in relief. He was smiling as he surveyed the room.

Jean was a simple woman. She had few things she wanted. Even, until now, Zed had no idea what she wanted the most.

However, one thing was for sure; Jean didn't want the usual luxurious cars or houses.

He didn't dare mention this manor to her earlier, because he wasn't even sure she would like it!

But seeing her happy and smiling face, her loving gaze towards him as she walked into the room, his fears and worries were totally unnecessary.

Of all the people Zed had met in his life, all the past flames and flings, Jean was definitely unlike anyone he had ever known.

Zed let out a sigh of relief at the thought. He then held her hand and led her back to the bedroom.

The bed in its entirety was colored in pastel tones - the ones Jean always loved. Even the wardrobe was varied in baby pink, light blue and soft yellow.

All this was placed in a dominantly pink and floral room. It was surreal and felt like a dream for anyone who found themselves standing in the room.

Jean was drowned in euphoria just standing in the room. She looked at Zed and felt the intense emotion of love well up from the bottom of her heart.

When looking at Zed, the last thing you'd describe him would be romantic. He was always silent, and stoic. But when he start

he road leading to the other side of the hill is a bit rough, so people only use this kind of vehicle to transport boxed fruits. Would you like to try?" Zed proposed happily.

"Did you say the road is rough? This tricycle would only make it worse. I'd rather walk there!" Jean touched her belly and outright refused.

Zed instantly understood what Jean was implying and apologized profusely. He had never felt more insensitive. "My bad, I'm so stupid. Let's walk then. The trip'll be long since we're walking, so I asked them to pack some cakes in case you get hungry on the way."

"You are so sweet." Jean was touched at her husband's concern for her. She held his hand and they started to walk.

Juan saw them walking past the tricycle, so he asked in surprise, "Zed, Jean, you're not getting in?"

"It's too bumpy for the baby, so we'll just walk there. You go on ahead! We'll catch up soon."

Zed waved at Juan as they walked away.

Juan saw them slowly getting farther away and smiled bitterly to himself.

"Hey, if you wanted to be alone with your wife, you could've just told me! Why did you even get these crappy tricycles then? You can tell me if you don't want my company. I would've understood! Hypocrite!"

Finished shouting, Juan asked a servant nearby, "Do you know how to ride?"

"Yes, sir." The servant nodded slowly.

"Okay, it's settled. You'll be my driver for today." Juan waved his hand at the servant and moved from the bike seat to the carriage in the back.

The servant hurriedly climbed on the bike, and stepped on the pedal with all his strength.

"Walking is faster than this crap!" roared Juan as his frustration mounted. "What did Zed even want with it?"

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