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   Chapter 678 I Love This Place So Much

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 13314

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Wherever she would look, there were beautiful blossoming flowers that greeted the eye. A warm breeze wafted in the heady scent of flowers around the hot spring. To Jean, it was like discovering a flower heaven!

Lilies, roses, jasmine and tulips! And other kinds of flowers that Jean couldn't even name. The perfectly mixed fragrance was truly fresh air to her. She had never been to such a place that resembled so closely the paradise!

Breathing all that in, a simple sense of beauty coursed through Jean's veins. She was overjoyed as the world was suddenly coloured with an overwhelming sense of goodness and beauty.

"Zed, I love this place!" Jean suddenly turned towards Zed and entwined her slender arms around his neck. This was hardly like her so she blushed to the roots and uttered this burying her face in his shoulder.

"Any time love. Just let me know when you wish to come here again and we can even move into this manor." Zed softly gazed at Jean, gladdened that the woman, who had made him happier than anyone in the world, was happy because of him.

"But this place is too far from the city. It's a place not very convenient for you to go to work from every day," said Jean, looking up towards the selfless Zed with a concerned look.

"You've asked Moore to help me at work as soon as he could, haven't you? With him taking care of most things in office, it would hardly matter whether I am there or not,"

Zed grinned at Jean sheepishly.

"How did you find out that I've asked him to give you a hand? Did he mention it to you already?" Jean was nervous and looked slightly flustered at admitting it.

Noticing Jean's reddened and happy face, Zed rubbed his nose against hers in a mischievous way and laughed. "Jean, I could never imagine someone caring for me so much."

"Oh Zed, Don't say that." Jean thought Zed was teasing her. She looked annoyed and let go of Zed. Slowly, she walked towards the hot spring and started making excuses for her 'folly', "My concern is that Moore might need a justified reason to get away from the Bais from time to time. That's why I asked him to start his work in your company as soon as possible. For one, he could hide from meeting unnecessary people meant for the Bais; and for another, he might be of a little help by your side."

A slight smile flickered on Zed's lips, knowing that his tender loving wife was concocting obvious lies to avoid embarassment. He decided not to follow up with more questions.

He knew that Jean constantly worried about him and would do anything for him. This was an act of love and needed no explanation, really.

At this particular moment, he felt so lucky to be loved by her, her silent, resolute, subtle love that was not so obvious through this action of hers.

He was incredibly satisfied to know that she had urged Moore to give him a hand in his company to avoid him being burdened by the numerous possibilities that were coming his way.

'How can he see through me?! Just like that!' Jean couldn't get over the fact that her intent could easily be understood by Zed. She felt exposed and ashamed. Somehow, she could feel a slow anger crawling under her skin, which surprisingly was directed towards herself. She wasn't happy with the lying and then her exposed lies. 'But there's nothing wrong if I truly care for him, right?' she started to defend herself mentally. 'Being a good wife is about giving constant support to your husband, asking a good friend to help him with his career should be included.'

Jean breathed deeply with relief when all her doubting questions finally faded in her mind. In the last few months, she had hardly noticed how her affection towards Zed had grown profoundly.

"Jean, let's go. You need to take a rest after this long walk. Let me show you our room. We will have lunch here afterwards. This is one of the most ideal places for you and the baby. There is warm radiant sunshine, the most natural, or what you'd c

ould their family stand strong and feel complete.

For her, Zed was the only one needed to complete her as family. A home would just not exist without him.

So be it the Qi Mansion or here at the contryside, it was Zed who defined a home for her, a perfectly happy home.

When the baby soon came into the world, he or she would be the best add-on to this little family.

"Juan..." persuaded Jean. "You will only feel it when you have a family of your own, soon." Whether driven by hormones or because Jean was feeling truly thankful today, she uttered out this sentimental phrase.

Juan knew that Jean might have misunderstood him. He found the situation funny and annoying at the same time. 'Where do all her thoughts come from?' he thought bitterly.

'I say something random and suddenly, she gets all sensitive!? Did I say anything wrong? Why would she think that I don't know the true value of a loving family?

Rather, I am the first one to know so. I have never cared about money or fame, why would someone frame me like that now?

Should I defend myself? I don't want her to have the impression of me being so lame though...' Juan was struggling inside about whether he should say more to prove that he was not the kind of person Jean was making him out to be.

But on a second thought, Juan found it might be difficult for Jean to know him. A lot more time was needed for them to properly strike a bond of friendship. Plus, no one could tell a life story in just a few words. He gave up on this idea and took a deep breath.

'Jean, you will get to know more about me gradually.' Juan just subtly hinted at her being in the wrong about him.

"Juan, go find yourself a room. Get some rest first. We will come for you during lunch time," Zed interrupted the thought process of his friend and his wife. He thought that Jean might have had a long day, so he asked Juan to leave them alone and let her busy mind rest awhile. Zed firmly held her hand and walked away from Juan to their bedroom.

"Why did you ask Juan to leave?" said Jean who felt strange at Zed's odd behaviour. 'Aren't you the best pals in the world?' murmured Jean to herself.

"Let me put it this way. Juan never knows when to stop. His background is not like ours. Also Jean, I want to have you to myself. I am not planning to share your resting time with anyone. Does that answer your question, Mrs. Qi?" Zed warmly lay out his feelings in these many words. He kissed her gently on the forehead and then they looked into each other's eyes tenderly. As they walked toward their room, Zed asked her to stand in front of him. Slowly, he opened the door.

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