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   Chapter 677 The Place You'll Definitely Love

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 12855

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As he was speaking, Jean turned around and stole a glance at Juan in surprise as if she had heard something eerily strange. After this, she quickly took her eyes off him and then returned to stare at Zed, who was driving the car cautiously at this moment.

'Oh, come on, Juan. Did you really have to say so? You only came to China with the sole purpose to see me? Why do I keep feeling awkward and uneasy hearing what you just said?

You haven't changed a bit, have you? You still speak straight from your heart without any moderation whatsoever from your brain. Thank god, I had told Jean about all that had happened between us earlier, and she realizes why you feel this way about me. She also knows that you have a straight sexual preference, so she somehow managed to be really cool about it. Otherwise, there was a high chance of she having misunderstood our relationship right now, ' thought Zed in his mind, and let out a sigh of relief internally. On the outside, he remained calm and kept looking straight ahead, as if he was driving with a blank mind.

"Well, Juan. Would you stop talking about me so openly like that?" asked Zed helplessly as he grabbed a quick glance at Juan in the rear-view mirror. And he added, "The way you talk about me can easily be a source to a lot of misunderstandings for a third person."

"Misunderstandings? Like what?" asked Juan appearing visibly confused.

"Others may misunderstand that you have special feelings for Zed! Considering the way you speak so highly of him, people who think that way can't be blamed either," Jean's urge to get a say in their conversation had been up there for sometime now. And she added, "Juan, the way you speak depicts all the passion and emotions you feel for Zed!"

"Jean…" replied Juan and stopped suddenly as his face turned red. He then added, "I was just expressing my feelings and it is true. Was I doing something wrong?"

"No, you weren't. I know what you meant, you simply consider Zed as your big brother, don't you?" asked Jean with a sly smile as she looked at Juan.

"Yes. You do know me, Jean," uttered Juan as he looked at Jean with a cheerful smile on his face.

"Anyway, Juan, did you ever find in yourself a pinch of emotional attachment to Zed? I mean, after all, you are the CEO of the Baiton Entertainment Corporation. It may seem to the public that you are the big boss who is mature and serious. Perhaps it's not appropriate and suitable for your position that you're never holding back from showing your affection for Zed, don't you think so? Wait, let me figure out how to describe a way from Chinese to English to describe how you show your feelings for him. Oh yes, just like an unweaned child!" said Jean, initially in a peaceful tone but then failing to repress her laughter and ended up in a wide, rather mean grin.

"Jean, how can you…" uttered Juan and stopped abruptly, flushed with shame. Perhaps he thought it was better to not say anything for the moment.

'Oh my! An unweaned child?

I am so ashamed to face others now!' yelled Juan in his mind. He even tilted his head down in shame.

"All right, have you both got any idea where we are heading right now?" asked Zed with a smile on his face. He seemed to be enjoying the moment noticing that Jean had been teasing Juan, with traces of cheerfulness evident on his face.

On the other hand, Jean and Juan looked at each other and shook their heads blankly expressing their ignorance. They seemed to forget the fact that they were in the car right now heading somewhere for fun as they seemed to have lost focus for a while.

"Fine, since you two can't think of any good place to go, let me take you to one!" responded Zed as he detected their amazement through the rear-view mirror. And he chuckled replaying childish conversation the two just had.

you are the hostess of this manor by now?"

"Wait, what did you just say? Does this huge manor really belong to us?"

asked Jean as she looked at Zed, totally stunned.

"Yes, you're right. I discerned that you are a nature lover. It was quite evident especially when we went climbing the last time, you were so excited. And since you're pregnant, it won't be easy for you to go wherever you want as you please. It's an alluring atmosphere around here. I'm sure you'll like it. Besides, I was planning on retiring into this manor of ours and do some planting or something else when we get too old. And obviously, the highlight of this place is the hot spring. Moreover, just before your due date turns up, it will be difficult for you to walk around because of the huge body. At that time, we can shift here and spend some time together. The green natural environment here also ought to do you some good,"

said Zed as he looked at Jean with adoration.

She hadn't gotten over the surprise that her man was indeed as romantic as anyone she had ever seen. He had thought of her and her well-being well in advance. Feeling quite impressed and extremely in love, she asked with a lump in her throat, "This beautiful manor, did you just buy it?"

"Actually, three years ago, there was a piece of land owned by the company being developed nearby. When I came to scout it, someone told me that there were natural hot springs around here. I was curious at that time and I came over to have a look. Then I found to my astonishment that the scenery here is unique and the climate is pleasant all year round. So I made up my mind to build a manor house, and planned to live my life in retirement here when I grow old,"

replied Zed as he pushed open a wooden door. He then bent a little and offered his hand to Jean in a gentlemanly gesture.

Jean in turn looked at him in surprise, knowing that the hot spring which he was most excited about hadn't appeared yet.

She took a deep breath as if she were preparing for a tussle of emotions. And then she stepped in.

Although she had mentally prepared herself to be amazed by the sight of the magnificent hot spring, especially since Zed had spared no expense to build such a large manor here.

However, it turned out to bypass all her expectations.

A blanket of fog had shrouded the entire spring making it all then more beautiful and lovely.

The spring had in itself clear blue water as transparent as the rains in heaven. She could stare at the beauty of this scenery forever, or so she felt.

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