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   Chapter 676 I Came Here For Him

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7187

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Being hugged for an uncomfortable long time by Juan was a weird experience for Zed.

Hell, he reckoned that if he didn't threaten him of kicking him out of the mansion and blacklisting him to prevent him from coming in the future, Juan would still be hugging him.

'I suffered the most here, ' Zed thought. 'But why was Jean comforting Juan and not me?'

Zed was visibly unhappy. He didn't notice himself staring at Jean. His gaze was a cold beam of anger.

Meanwhile, Juan, who just heard Jean defend him right in front of Zed's face, smiled with joy. He was extremely distressed just moments ago, but now he felt very gleeful.

Jean knew without a doubt that this would anger Zed, even without turning to look at his expression.

She sticked her tongue out playfully and walked towards Zed. She clutched his arm softly and spoke in a flirty tone, "Okay, now that we're all good here, let's go out for a walk! It's gotten so stuffy here. I've been stuck here for too long it seems."

"You say it like you've been stuck in a horrible place for a couple of years. Don't forget your place, Jean. Don't be childish who can only think about playing outside everyday. Think about our unborn baby..."

Zed took it out on that subject since he was still unhappy that Jean took Juan's side.

When he heard Jean wanted to frolic outside, he reminded her of this.

"Wait, baby? What baby, who's baby?" Juan was puzzled by what he just heard. Then his eyes lit up in realization as his head turned quickly to Jean. "Jean, are you pregnant?" Juan just stared at Jean in shock. He still couldn't quite recover from the revelation he just heard.

Jean was stunned as well. She realized Zed brought it up because Jean helped Juan in their previous arguement.

So she took it in stride. She held Zed's arm tightly, and smiled at Juan. "Yes. It's almost 3 months old now."

"Oh my God, Zed. You're going to be a daddy!" Juan made his happiness known through his sincere words. His excitement was evident on his face, like someone who just won the grand lottery.

Feeling Juan's good intentions, Zed relaxed a little and just nodded lig


And Jean's belly will get bigger as well. It'll be harder for her to walk and frolic outside by then.'

Zed realized this quietly, and agreed to take her out.

"Jean, where do you want to go then?" Juan asked in a concerned tone now that he knew Jean was with child.

"I'm actually not sure. Let's talk about it in the car," Jean answered. She really didn't know where to go, so she couldn't answer his question.

For her, they had enough time to decide.

But she couldn't walk for long periods because of the physical changes to her body brought about by the pregnancy, let alone do anything else that needed a lot of energy exertion.

What else could she do, besides shopping?

Where else could she go?

Feeling Jean's inner conflict of wanting so much to go somewhere but without an actual destination, Zed just shook his head helplessly.

'Jean, why do you hate staying at home?

Is the house not good enough?

Is that why you want to go somewhere else?' Zed just couldn't bring himself to understand his wife.

"Juan, do you have anything in mind?"

Jean asked Juan as she looked at him through the rearview mirror since he sat in the back of the car.

"Me? You're asking me?"

Juan asked in surprise. He then paused to think for a while, then he just shook his head. "To be honest, the only reason I came to China was to see Zed. That is all."

'Why is he so frank?' thought Jean.

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