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   Chapter 675 Think It Positively

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After Jean had finished her words, she took Zed's and Juan's hands in hers and tried to force a handshake, asking them to make peace, like mommies do with children.

Zed shook off her hand hurriedly and awkwardly asked, "Jean! What are you doing? Do you think we're still little kids even today? This feels so stupid."

Hearing his remark, Juan's smile disappeared instantly and he turned towards Jean. "I know you meant well, Jean," there was a sarcastic tone in his voice, "but someone just doesn't want to take me as his friend. I'm afraid that your kindness will be in vain if you try to force anything."

"Who is not willing to take you as his friend? Whoever said that to you?" Zed got upset when he heard this and questioned angrily. "Why else do you think I would call you all the way over here if I don't want to take you as my friend? Why would I even think about investing in your company if I am not willing to do that ?"

"You know what? I don't need your money or investment at all." Juan got emotional upon hearing the response. "I know that you've asked me for the favour because you think highly of me. But it's all a little bit insulting when you insert money into the equation, don't you think? And would you have insulted me like that if you really treated me as your friend?"

"I'm not insulting you!" Zed frowned at Juan's words. He looked at him helplessly and sighed. "You know that I don't want to owe people, no matter who it is on the other side. And I thought that we could gather together after all these years. But I had never expected that not only would you agree to my proposal but also propose setting up a branch over here.

I know what you are thinking of and I get your kindness. But I really don't need you to do that, Juan. I don't want you to make any reckless decisions for me or because of me. I would have refused but you had already made up your mind and there was no choice but to agree. My investment in you is also a gesture of support. It really hurts me that you misunderstand it. You even think that I don't take you as my friend."

The room fell silent when Zed finished his remark.

Juan looked at Zed. He was s

regret it if he ever did.

There would never be a second chance like this, so he wanted to cherish it.

Juan hugged even tighter when he thought of this and a brighter smile showed on his face.

Zed noticed that his grip was tightening even more.

A funny and annoyed look showed on his face. "Juan, if you don't let me go by the time I count to three, believe me when I say that I will toss you out of this window and forbid you from ever stepping into my house..."

Jean didn't expect that Zed would make such threat to Juan.

He was just now accusing others being naive and he was behaving like a child now.

Jean looked at Juan and saw his surprised face.

His bright smile froze and a look of frustration appeared. He reluctantly loosened his hands that was hugging Zed.

Jean was surprised watching this with her eyes widened. "Don't, Juan! Why are you listening to him? He will not do that ..."

"Jean." Juan had already let go of Zed and showed a pitiful look on his face. "Zed may not do that to you, but to me, he has never been merciful. So, in order to see you again tomorrow, I think I should take the hint."

Juan was about to cry. Jean thought that he had a point and comforted, "Now that you have hugged him, it's all worth it. Alright, think positively and you will get better."


Zed got angry when he heard Jean comforting Juan like that.

Did she mean that he was the one taking the toll?

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