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   Chapter 674 I Didn't Humiliate You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 9115

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"Jean, sweetie. Please don't worry about it." Zed looked at Jean with a smile, cupping her right cheek in his palm, warm and comfortable on her face. "I trust Juan's ability in business. Besides, I'm sure you wouldn't allow something like that to happen. With your help, Juan wouldn't even think of pulling off some stupid stunt. He won't make any decisions to sabotage the relationship between Avery and Moore either. Even if something happens, I am here to sort it out. So, don't overthink these things and relax." He kissed her gently on the lips, reassuring, "Okay?"

Jean smiled and nodded, questions still boiling up inside her. Zed turned to walk away. "So Zed..." she called out. "Did Juan know the actual reason of why you became one of the shareholders of his company?" Jean asked, unable to connect the dots, thinking to herself.

'My god! All this time I've been thinking he did everything to help Juan. It turns out that it was never his intention to bear risks alongside him.

How wrong was I!

He only did it to protect me and enable me to help Avery more.'

Zed had already turned to walk on. Now, he slowed down, turned back and looked at her. The air about him was inconspicuous. Something seemed to have induced an eerie era around him. Perhaps it was the chill in the air, perhaps his demeanor. It was hard to tell. Adding to the atmosphere, he whispered, "I really hope he doesn't know the reason."

Yet, in his heart he felt Juan knew. They had been so close for years and had experienced life together in the crucial years of age. They knew each other so well that it would be stupid to imagine Juan hadn't figured it out.

Maybe this was why Juan was acting out.

Actually, the reason why Zed invested in Juan's company was very simple. He didn't want to own Juan so much! In addition, he didn't want to see a lot of problems that could make Jean unhappy.

As a result, he solved the problem by giving Juan a cheque.

Jean was moved on finding out Zed's intention. She didn't know whether to be happy or to just embrace him in her arms out of love.

'He does everything he can to protect me!' she thought.

Jean felt grateful. She had never expected anyone to be so concerned for her. She herself probably didn't take as much care of her own feelings as Zed did. Life had taken a beautiful turn for her.

"Zed. Juan is in a really bad mood. He's sitting all alone in his room. Let's cheer him up, okay?"

In her heart, she rejoiced at how she was the sole individual who he cared so much about, loved so much. But at the same time, she felt like teaching him how to do the same for others, especially friends who had been with him for years.

"Maybe Juan will feel much

ave had to say.

His presence here was forced as per the exchange. But what did it matter? Zed was here. He came.

That thought itself made Juan a tad bit gleeful. Juan said, "We haven't seen each other in years! You've changed. You're married. Life must be so different. I have no idea how that has changed your character. If it has, at all. I feel like I dont know you." Juan was sincere, almost confessing regret.

"What?" Zed uttered. He hadn't expected Juan to say any of that. He had nothing to say in return. What possible explanation could he give for lost time?

He glanced at Jean for help. She seemed to be gloating even though the air had become quite embarrassing. It seemed like some serious things were on their way to be uttered.

"Juan, please don't be angry," Jean said. She felt the atmosphere becoming sombre.

Juan didn't seem to be mad at Zed. If he was, why would he talk to him so softly instead of just scoffing him off?

The purpose of the visit had changed. Zed didn't need to cheer him up anymore. They just needed to make talk and untangle the threads of unnecessary discomfort that lay all around them.

Jean was worried that Zed would leave after the things Juan said.

But he didn't, taking it in with maturity and deciding to stay.

Jean smiled reassuringly and held his hand in support. She felt a certain sense of pride in him.

Zed turned to Jean and sighed deeply. He couldn't bear to disappoint her.

Jean detected the obligation he felt but was happy at seeing him compromise his ego.

Then, she turned to Juan with a big smile and said, "All right, Juan. Zed is here to see you. And even though he hasn't particularly expressed it, you can make out the regret he feels, right? Try not to be mad at him. Let's forget the past and move on. Okay?"

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