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   Chapter 673 The Truth Of Investing

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 10152

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Zed spun a story that the reason why he wanted to invest in Juan's Chinese branch company was that he thought that the entertainment industry was profitable. When in fact, that was not the true reason. He used this story just to convince Jean and Juan.

But it was obvious that he had succeeded.

'You fool. You used such an unconvincing excuse to persuade me. But I don't even know how to refute for a moment, ' Juan thought.

Juan breathed out a long sigh at the realization of Zed's facade. He then looked at Zed and nodded helplessly. "Well, if that is the case, then I'll accept this cheque. But there is one thing that I want to make very clear to you. I will agree that you own a share in the company's stock. However, I will ask the financial staff to calculate the company's usual expenditure and consumption. And then we'll share the expenses. Whatever the balance is left in the end, I will reimburse you. If you don't accept my terms, then we don't have a deal and I won't accept your cheque!"

Juan looked at him and said firmly.

Zed looked long and hard at Juan, then he nodded and said, "No problem, I have no objections."

He knew that Juan had made a concession. If he persisted to give Juan this cheque while he still refused to accept his proposal, then Juan might have been really offended by him.

Anyway, Juan wasn't an easy-going man once he was offended. So it would be easier to persuade him when he wasn't annoyed.

But if he was annoyed, he would be unwilling to listen to anyone. No matter how much Zed would try to convince him, he would still be stubborn and refuse to listen.

Zed knew very well that Juan had already agreed to make concessions and that he shouldn't ask for more.

Zed just didn't want to make Juan try too hard to arrange for Avery to work in his company.

Zed gave out a helpless sigh. Juan was a loyal friend, so he couldn't let him take the investment risk on his own.

In addition, he did this to make it easier for Jean to accept Juan's kindness. He knew Jean very well. She was a person who was afraid of causing trouble to others.

A satisfied smile appeared on her face when Jean saw that Zed and Juan had reached an agreement and the problem was also solved. In this way, she didn't feel that they owed Juan too much, which was most important to her.

Jean was relieved that Zed was a shareholder in Juan's entertainment company.

'Zed has a stake in Juan's branch in China, so that means that I'll also be one of the bosses in the company in the future.

This way, I can look out for Avery and she won't be bullied by others.

Besides, Moore wouldn't have to worry too much about her either, ' Jean thought happily.

But when she looked up, she noticed that Juan was looking down in silence. It was obvious by the expression on his face that he was unhappy and dejected.

Jean tried to cheer him up by saying, "Juan, Zed took the day off work today, so we can use this rare opportunity to take you anywhere that you might like to g

After hearing what Jean had said, he felt that if he continued to hide his real intentions from her, then she would only get even more frustrated and angry with him. So he sighed with resignation, "Juan is my friend. I know that you would still worry about Avery being treated unfairly in his company. When we had dinner with Juan, Avery and her manager yesterday, Juan made it clear that Avery's relationship with Moore should not be disclosed to the public. When he mentioned that, I suddenly understood that there are still many taboos and rules in the entertainment industry.

After all, Juan is not only the owner of the Baiton Entertainment Company, but he is also a friend of mine. I know that you wouldn't hesitate to defend Avery if she was treated unfairly. But you should also think about yourself. There may be consequences for you because of your straightforwardness. I wouldn't allow anyone to bully you, so I decided to invest in his company. That way you would also have the right to decide for all the events of the company in the future. What's more, you can also look out for Avery in case she did suffer any unfair treatment."

"Zed, is that okay for you to do that?" After finally learning Zed's true intentions, Jean looked at Zed in astonishment and asked. "Will that be unfair to Juan? After all, he is very experienced in the entertainment industry. He knows clearly what to do and what not to do. I'm worried that our bold intervention will only cause him more unnecessary trouble and difficulties.

You know my temperament very well. If there was any risk of harming Moore and Avery's relationship, then I would be there to defend them no matter what the consequences would be. Aren't you afraid that I may ruin the company?"

"Well, I don't care about the company. I only care about you!" Zed said in a careless tone.

"But..." Hearing Zed's words, Jean looked at him and sighed. "But if the company wasn't successful, then we wouldn't be helping Avery! We would ruin her career instead!"

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