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   Chapter 669 You Didn't Let Me Down

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7534

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"Hey, Juan..."

Jean managed to catch Juan's attention and waved happily at him.

Juan looked at the bright smile on Jean's face and he panicked a little. 'What do I say? She's obviously in a good mood, ' he thought as he walked towards her, feeling oddly complex. His leather shoes piercing the silence of the hall. It was nerve-wracking.

Jean always had a keen eye for body language. She immediately noticed that something was off with Juan, like he was really bothered by something. She then went ahead and asked, her expression concerned, "Hey, what's wrong?"

It was only a few minutes and now Juan looked like he had been bullied by someone.

"Uh... Jean.." Juan looked at her concerned face, averted his eyes and sighed deeply. Then he walked around the table and sat in front of her and said, "How can Zed be such a jerk to me now that he has you? It's just inhuman. He's so unreasonable! God, it makes me so angry!"

Juan was practically whining. The smile on Jean's face quickly disappeared as soon as she heard her husband's name. Her teeth clenched and she asked in a serious tone, "What's going on? What exactly did Zed do to you?"

"Just now, he..." Juan complained angrily. "Not long after you left, he called me up and ordered me, I repeat, ordered me that I was not allowed to comment on you and talk nonsense to you. I- Wha..."

Juan was at a loss for words. He was completely pissed. His hand was clenched on top of the table. "What the hell does he think of me? Who the hell does he think I am, huh?""

Juan was consumed with anger. Jean swore she saw a vein popping out of his forehead.

Jean just watched and listened to Juan complain nonstop. Finally he was out of breath. She got up, got a pitcher of water and filled a glass to the brim, then handed it to Juan.

Juan thankfully accepted the glass of water and gulped it down to the drop.

Jean sighed deeply. 'What could possibly set off Zed like that?' Jean thought. Seeing Juan finally calm, she asked, "What have you done that could have offended Zed this much? Let me rephrase, why has Zed been treating you like crap ever since I saw you?"

Jean asked Juan, smirking and a touch confused.

"Well, I..." Juan was caught off guard by Jean's ques

He looked at Jean, a determined look clear in his eyes. "Alright, Jean. Since you want to know so badly, I'll tell you even if it's my life on the line here."

"Don't be so dramatic." Jean smiled at Juan's exaggerated words. "Though Zed gave you a hard time through his words, he cared about you deep inside. Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked Luke to prepare the most comfortable guest room for you."

"Ha! You really do know Zed!" Juan's eyes visibly lit up upon hearing this.

"Now tell me. Quick. Don't worry about the consequences, I'll handle it I promise."

Jean patted on her chest, a smug look on her face.

Something in Juan's blue eyes twinkled. He beamed at Jean happily and started narrating, "Okay, once, there was a girl who came looking for Zed, but at that time, we had not seen women for almost half a year. And naturally... we got interested in that girl, and flirted with her with flowery words."

"A nice girl, huh?" Jean murmured as she thought of something. A memory that might be connected. Then she turned to Juan and eagerly asked, "Do you still remember the name of this girl?"

"Of course I do! Such a sexy, drop-dead gorgeous beauty, how can I ever forget her name?" Juan said as he nodded, his eyes closed as he imagined the girl's curves in his mind. His mouth turned into a teethless smile, and relished the memory.

"What's her name then?" Jean asked, clearly annoyed at the way Juan talked about the girl. She still went ahead and maintained her patience.

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