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   Chapter 668 It Serves You Right

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9370

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'What? Why do you say that it will be more interesting if someone else tells you things about me? Jean, how dare you say that?' Zed thought in anger.

Jean could tell that Zed was fuming on the inside. His face was black with rage and his jaws had tightened. In a way he was helpless in front of her and didn't wish to blame her.

Juan gloated over Zed's misery. His heart secretly soared as he looked at the 'happy' couple standing in front of him. Jean, on the other hand, was oblivious to what was going on in Zed's heart and she was all excited and curious.

Juan knew that a man like Zed would have a wife who was extraordinary and special — certainly who would stand apart from the rest.

And... Juan was right. Despite Juan being there, Jean dared to say anything that came over her. She didn't care if that would belittle her husband or not.

Of course, in his head, Juan was never more at ease. He just stood aside and watched the drama unfold.

'Zed, I never imagined you to be so embarrassed! It serves you right!

You used to bully me, and I wasn't even your opponent. Since you love Jean so much, now you better obey her rules. Don't you know how to explain it to her? Haw-haw. You deserve it!

Now you know how you made me feel whenever you bullied me in the past. Finally, I feel avenged and light!' Juan thought.

Juan glanced triumphantly at Zed, whose face had hardened into a stone-like expression. Juan looked at Jean with a flattering face and said, "You are so mighty, Jean! I admire you so much!"

Hearing Juan flatter Jean, that too in front of him, galled Zed. He could do nothing but turn to look at Juan, giving him a fierce and threatening look. It seemed as if Zed would tear him into pieces any minute.

Zed's threatening look jolted Juan into panic. A chill ran down his spine. After a moment, he breathed in some courage and decided that he would make use of the opportunity to get even with Zed. Juan pretended he didn't see Zed's fierce look and prodded on.

It wasn't that Jean was in the dark, either. She clearly knew that Zed was very angry at this moment. But she too deliberately ignored him and looked at Juan with a big smile.

In her heart, she knew that no matter how angry Zed got with her, he wouldn't lose his temper to protect their child in her womb.

Juan was the only one who would suffer in the end.

Juan was scared as he caught Jean looking straight at him. He touched his handsome face, then looked at Jean asking her in a suspicious tone, "Jean, why do you keep staring at me? Is that because that I'm too handsome?"

"Yes, you are very handsome!" Hearing Juan's words, Jean nodded her head with approval. But after a short while, it occurred to her that Juan didn't tell her the anecdote about Zed. So she asked with disco

isclose anything some time ago.

It seems that if I really want to know about it, I'd have to ask Juan in private when Zed is not at home.

Right! I know when to do this! He just took a 20-hour flight to China, so it would be impossible for him to leave tomorrow.

Zed, it doesn't matter if you don't tell me now. I will know it sooner or later, ' Jean thought.

Jean felt relieved now that she had plan. She looked at Zed and said, "Well, curiosity may not be a good thing, after all. I won't ask you anymore."

Zed saw that Jean had finally given up on questioning him and so with a satisfied smile, he said, "That'll be great. I'm going to the bathroom to take a shower now."

"Go ahead." Jean let go of Zed's hand.

As Zed went into the bathroom, a mysterious smile appeared on Jean's face.

Jean got up earlier than usual the next day. After Zed had left, she went to the guest room and knocked on Juan's door.

Juan was still sleeping at the time. Hearing a knock on his door, he opened it with half-opened eyes. Strangely, he was so calm and showed no surprise on his face when he saw it was Jean. He seemed to have expected that Jean would come to find him out of curiosity.

"Good morning, Jean. Didn't Zed tell you what I wanted to tell you yesterday? And you couldn't resist your curiosity, and this is why you have come to me so early in the morning. Am I guessing right?"

Juan smiled at Jean and asked.

"Juan, you're so smart. It's easy to talk to you." Jean looked at Juan and laughed. "You have five minutes to wash and I'll wait for you in the dining room downstairs."

"No problem. See you later!" Juan then turned around and went to the washroom excitedly.

Juan's decisive yes lit her face up. She went downstairs to the dining room and patiently waited for Juan there.

Soon she saw Juan hurrying into the dining room.

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