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   Chapter 666 Your Wife Is Bullying Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 8337

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"Thank you very much for taking some time off your busy schedule and meeting me." Avery gazed at Juan with gratitude. "I will remember your kindness in my heart. But I think it's beyond me that you are going to establish a branch company of Baiton Entertainment here in this country just for me. That does mean a lot to me."

"Don't feel pressurized or tensed. It's okay." Juan looked at Avery surprisedly and then smiled. "To be frank, my purpose of coming here is not just about you or the branch, but for the convenience of meeting Zed and Jean as well. I am a merchant. As long as it's profitable, I will take it into consideration. Without a crude eye in search for profitable opportunities, no businessman has ever succeeded. So, you can lift that burden off your shoulder. "

Though Juan spoke out the purpose of his trip, and blatantly assured her that she didn't need to feel responsible, no one present around believed it.

He could have arrived here to see Zed any time he wanted. Did he really need such a lame excuse? The reason he provided didn't seem believable.

The reason why Juan said so was just so that he did not want to give Avery inessential stress!

Jean grumbled that Juan tried to stop Moore and Avery from dating each other moments ago, but now the discontent in her heart had vanished as she felt his kind consideration for Avery.

Perhaps, from Juan's point of view, it was bad for Avery to disclose her relationship with Moore during this crucial period of her career. But obviously, everyone had their own justification to their acts.

There was no need for Juan to lie to her. He just frankly expressed his views on this matter. That was the aspect which was intriguing.

Jean was filled with shame. She had gotten it all wrong. She said to Juan with an apologetic look on her face, "Mr. Juan, I apologize for the things I said earlier. It was a mere reaction to the hest of the moment. It was totally inappropriate from my side. It is now that I can perceive things from the point of view of my friend. I had overlooked the fact that you were considering Avery's future development as well.

How about this? Let's keep the relationship between Moore and Avery concealed for the time being. And we will disclose their relatioinship after Avery has settled her career here. I think that's what's best for everybody. What do you think?"

Jean looked at Juan expectantly when she finished her sentence.

A pleasing smile decorated Juan's fac

my curiosity!" His curiosity was still not letting the issue pass.

"Don't you know the proverb that curiosity killed the cat? I reckon that Mr. Juan, being quite young and having achieved so many things with such a big company, must be reluctant to die so young!" Jean mocked.

"Zed, your wife is bullying me! You know it." Though Juan spoke lame Chinese, but his understanding ability was not as bad as it seemed to be.

He still managed to deduce it's meaning even though Jean's tempo was quick.

He shook Zed's arm and complained tearfully.

"I realize that you two will tear this house apart when there is no one else here to control the two of you." Zed sighed mindlessly and said to Juan with sympathy, "Now that you can't win her with words, how about letting me arrange a hotel for you?"

"No..." Juan refused decisively. "I choose to be a gentleman and let her win this time!"

Jean laughed out loud when she saw Juan trying to be generous and magnanimous.

"Is this how you console yourself now that you have admitted that you can't win me with words?" Jean teased with a smug face. "I will answer your question honestly now that you look so pitiful."

"Really?" Juan's eyes shone brightly as he heard this and then he looked at Jean with his shiny eyes.

Jean couldn't resist the urge to pinch Juan on his cheeks. He looked so cute this way. And she said, "Why is your skin so tender? How do you even maintain it that way?"

Juan couldn't help but smile bitterly now that Jean didn't tell him what he wanted to know but popped a feminine topic instead. He had definitely lost this battle. Or perhaps, did he lose the war too?

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