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   Chapter 665 He Is My Boyfriend

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 8130

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Juan saw Jean was clearly puzzled by this, so he started to explain in broken and lousy Chinese. Bits of masticated food were being catapulted all over everytime he opened his mouth to speak, much to the displeasure of Zed.

"Shut your damn mouth while eating!" Zed snapped with a sharp tone coupled with a cold stare. "Even the food can't stop you from running your mouth, can it? Either you stop wasting the food or stop eating to talk the whole day."

"No, no, no. I love yummy food. Especially Chinese home cooking. This is actually my favorite. My mouth waters with just the sight of these beautiful dishes on the table,"

Juan explained while shaking his head violently.

"If you are enjoying the food like you say, eat faster and then get lost," said Zed without an ounce of guilt.

Jean glanced at Zed, speechless.

'What is Zed's problem?

The Zed I know always keeps his composure no matter what happens. Why does he talk like this to Juan, who he hasn't seen for years now?

Well, luckily, Juan clearly does not mind. Otherwise he'd leave Zed real quick.'

It also puzzled Jean that Juan, who seemed to be a somewhat well-educated person judging from his table manners and speech, didn't mind at all the way Zed spoke to him.

'I wonder if they used to speak to each other this way in the past.

That would be too weird.

Seriously though?' Jean found this incredible, but she somehow understood a little.

The way they acted casually in each other's presence showed that they could talk callously, knowing that the other party wouldn't mind. That was evidence that they had an indestructible friendship.

All of a sudden, Jean felt a pang of jealousy about their closeness.

As they all started to enjoy the food, Moore appeared running in from outside. He was panting hard.

"I am so sorry! I'm late." Moore looked at everyone on the round table and bowed apologetically.

"There you are, Moore. Here, come. Sit, sit," Jean said as she stood up to greet him and used her hands to gesture to the seat beside Avery. She accompanied this with a big smile.

Juan turned to Moore, Jean, and then to Zed. His eyes were full of curiosity.

Zed pretended not to notice this, and just outright ignored him.

He looked at Moore and said, "Moore, come and sit beside Avery. Enjoy the food with everyone."

Moore smiled and nodded at Zed after hearing his invitation. He hurried

There's no reason I shouldn't believe in Zed.

Is it true, though?' she asked herself in her mind.

Besides, she was the one who invited Moore to dinner but didn't expect this to happen. She felt guilty and sorry for Moore and Avery.

She knew Juan would find out about Moore and Avery sooner or later, but the news to be leaked this soon without them having any time to prepare made Jean feel guilty.

Now that Juan said this, Jean felt really relieved, just like a weight was lifted off of her chest.

Zed had been silent all through out the speech.

This was because he knew that with matters related to Moore and Avery, Jean would do whatever it took to help them.

He didn't worry even a little about Juan.

He had believed that this bastard was coming just to cause trouble.

Juan was annoyed because Zed didn't even tell him about his marriage.

But God knew, he and Jean didn't have a wedding at all.

It crossed their minds at some point, but now Jean was pregnant.

Zed didn't want Jean to get too stressed out with wedding preparations, so he decided against suggesting it.

He was thinking of having a wedding after their child was born. A huge grand wedding under the stars that even the gods would envy.

"Mr. Juan, I know an actor or actress should absolutely follow the terms of the company. You are Zed's dear friend. I don't want to put you in any difficult situation for my sake,"

Avery said suddenly.

Jean turned to Avery in surprise, but it was too late to stop her now.

'What the hell is going on?

Didn't Avery hear everything that I just said?'

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