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   Chapter 664 How Can You Ask Me To Stay In A Hotel

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 6672

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"I don't care what you are planning on doing this time. But if you ever think about laying a finger on my woman, there will be serious consequences! Keep that in mind!" Zed held Jean in his arms protectively and warned Juan.

"Zed, you misunderstood me." Juan felt that he was wrongly judged by Zed and said, "You and I, we are friends. Isn't it within reason that I pay a visit to my good friend's wife, now that you are married? You make it sound as if I was plotting against you..."

"It's best that you don't plan on doing so!" Zed interrupted impatiently. "This is Avery and her manager, Adolf. Don't forget the purpose of your visit, and don't cause any trouble for me. I have had someone arrange the hotel for you. You can go and have some rest, now!"

"Zed, it hasn't been easy for me to come here. Are you really going to send me off to a hotel?" Juan looked at Zed pitifully.

"What else do you want?" Zed stared back at Juan with obvious discontent on his face.

"After all, we are friends that have gone through tremendous danger together. How can you ask me to stay in a hotel? That is both wasteful and nowhere near as comfortable as a home. What do you think, Jean?"

Juan asked, staring at her with innocent eyes.

"Yes, Zed, there are plenty of guest rooms in our house. Why don't we let Juan stay with us? You two haven't seen each other for such a long time. I bet you will have much to talk about..."

Jean couldn't stand Juan's pleading eyes. She felt obligated to make the suggestion.

"There is nothing for us to discuss!" Zed interrupted as he walked to Juan and grabbed him by the collar, looking him straight in the eyes. "Fine! You can stay with us if you want to. But you had better watch your step or..." he said warning Juan.

"All right. You are the boss," Juan said, nodding.

Avery and Adolf looked at each other both shocked by what they had just witnessed.

They never expected that the well-renowned CEO of Baiton Entertainment Corpor

aveled a long distance to get here. He needs time to get over the jet lag. I think he needs some rest now."

"He looks fine to me. Do you really think he needs to sleep now? It's all right, trust me. I think it will be easier for you to ask and negotiate things, with Zed present." Jean tried to persuade him.

Avery looked at Adolf with excitement.

Adolf thought for a moment then smiled and nodded.

"Great, I will contact Moore right away." Jean pulled out her cell phone and spoke to Moore as she led them inside the mansion.

When they had reached the dining hall, Zed and Juan were already there, deep in conversation.

It was only subtle but Jean noticed the difference. Zed and Juan were talking in a formal manner among themselves.

Yes, formal.

The look on both of their faces was very serious, especially that of Juan. There was no sign of joking or silly facial expressions anymore.

Zed signaled to Juan when he noticed Jean and the others there. He gently pulled out a chair for her.

Zed sat in between Jean and Juan, separating them.

Jean noticed that Juan looked at her surprisedly and then at Zed in disbelief.

She was confused. It's just a seat. What was so unusual that made Juan look so surprised?

"Jean, let me tell you. I believe Zed truly loves you. Back then, he..."

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