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   Chapter 663 Cause Troubles

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"Oh!" As Zed reminded her, Jean immediately realized that Juan was coming over. While patting on her forehead, she added shyly, "I haven't forgotten that! A few days back, you told me that he would come here in 3 days, so I thought he should have arrived by now. But you didn't want me to pick him up from the airport at that time, so I didn't ask you whether he came or not. I have never expected him to take 32 hours to come here by plane. I would definitely feel sick if I have to travel for such a long time..."

"He has no other choice as he wants to come here to see you," explained Zed and smiled. Soon, he added, "Hurry up and eat! Then, go upstairs and change."

"Okay!" Jean nodded at what Zed had said and started eating the sandwich in her hand.

Zed watched her eat the food on her plate. Then, she drank a cup of milk. After finishing her breakfast, she stood up and walked upstairs.

"Zed, what kind of clothes should I put on?" asked Jean while standing in front of her wardrobe. She was thinking hard to choose from tons of colourful dresses.

"Whatever you like! I won't mind even if you put on your pyjamas," joked Zed. After that, he walked away to get changed.

Jean unknowingly rolled her eyes when she heard what Zed had said.

'Well, why don't you put on pyjamas?' Jean mumbled to herself and pouted.

After all, Juan was Zed's friend and would become Avery's boss in the future. Jean thought that she shouldn't dress casually to meet him for the first time.

Jean finally took out a light yellow chiffon dress out of her wardrobe. Looking at the elegant and beautiful dress, she smiled, as she was satisfied with her choice.

When Jean came out of the dressing room, Zed, who was on his cellphone to kill time, naturally looked up in astonishment. Jean was dressed like a fairy from heaven. Zed involuntarily furrowed his eyebrows, and said, "No, you don't look good in this dress! It is too transparent. Go and put on something else!"

'But this is not transparent at all! There is lining fabric underneath the dress, ' mumbled Jean to herself.

Instead of changing into something else, Jean went towards the mirror and started putting on light makeup.

As Zed saw that, he immediately walked over to her angr

oon as she heard a stranger's voice.

She curiously looked at the person who spoke. But as soon as she saw that man in front of her, she was totally taken aback.

Jean had thought that Juan would be the same age as Zed. He must be stylish and manly since he was the CEO of Baiton Entertainment Corporation and one of Zed's friends.

But what Jean saw in front of her made her question if it was Juan or not.

The man in front of her had a baby face. He had dimples when he smiled.

His skin was fair and even more tender than women.

His blue eyes looked watery and brooding.

His only similarity with Zed was his tall and strong figure.

No matter how he looked, Jean felt hard to believe that the man in front of her was the CEO of Baiton Entertainment Corporation.

While Jean was looking at Juan in confusion, he did the same.

Then Juan hugged Zed and smiled.

"Hey, Zed. Look at me! I travelled across the ocean to see your wife as soon as you told me that you got married. I am a very loyal friend, aren't I?"

After he hugged Zed warmly, Juan stared at him, waiting for Zed to compliment him.

"Are you sure that you are not here to cause trouble?" questioned Zed, who didn't believe what Juan had just said. There was no way that Juan had come all the way just to see his wife.

Nobody knew Juan the way Zed did.

"To cause trouble? What trouble?" Juan questioned back in a fake tone as if he couldn't understand what Zed had just said. Then he rolled his eyes.

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