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   Chapter 662 I Don't Want Him To Leave

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 13256

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"Adolf, the argument you just put forward can only be used to convince yourself, not me. In fact, nobody else is even going to listen to it like I did," said Albert as he shook his head. With a pitiful face, he looked at Adolf and added, "Have you ever thought about your own feelings? Is it really worth it to claim this about yourself just for Avery's sake? Is that the value you grant to your own life?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about. Just stop talking to me. You're confusing me. And I just talked to our father earlier on the phone. I told him that I plan to stay in China to continue my career here, and I won't go back. Hence, you'd better adjust your mood and recover as soon as possible. This is a done deal. You can't amend it. Father will call you back at any moment from now,"

said Adolf as he walked over to stand right beside Albert. With his facial expression visibly softened, he let out a sigh and added in a patient tone, "Albert, you are undoubtedly an intelligent man and you do have divinely gifted talents. As long as you focus yourself on the business and do not let your goals go astray, I have a firm belief that you will be way more successful than me if you take over the family business. Trust my words for that. And father feels exactly the same way. I know it because we talked on the phone just a while ago. He wanted me back only because he was worried that there is still a significant level of ambiguity about you handling decisions. He has to make sure that he will not make a mistake when the time demands from him to choose the one who should take over the family business.

But over the years, you've continued working with me for Avery's sake. And you may not be aware of this but you did surprise me at the very beginning when you did not mind starting at the lowly position as a personal assistant. We all clearly saw your efforts and talents, and so did our father. Therefore, his impression on you have undergone many changes. He has a profound level of respect for you. What you've achieved over the years has made him perceive you with new eyes and he really wants you to return and help him. So please, try not to let me or anyone who loves you down after you go back. Can you promise me? We all have great hopes on you."

"Adolf, are you really not going to be my side?" asked Albert in a trembling voice. His eyes turned red as he tried hard to hold back his tears. Perhaps a tear or two had already rolled down his cheeks.

'Why did it take me such an awfully long time to understand Adolf's kindness?

He merely wanted to cultivate my patience and professionalism in doing things when he made me work as Avery's life assistant back then. How did I not realize his good intentions before? He only had a vision to make me a better person.

Though I did what he told me, I failed to understand what his real intentions were or what its source was. And I even cursed him thousands of times in my heart.

Now, it turns out that I was the one who was always thoughtless and mean, ' thought Albert taking all the blame to himself. The guilt had grown into gigantic proportions all of a sudden inside his heart.

"You don't have to worry about me at all, Albert. I will take care of myself. And believe me, staying in China will do no harm to my career, but will only take my future to the next level. I'm sure about it. Besides all of it, Avery likes it that way," said Adolf firmly with a face brimming with sheer confidence.

"You always knew clearly what your goals were and how you could achieve them since you were so young. In fact, Adolf, I have always admired you for this one quality of yours. And I hated Avery so much sometime ago because I knew she was somehow holding you back from achieving much more in your life. She was keeping you away from achieving the zenith of accomplishments. Otherwise, you would have turned out to be no worse than Avery if you were a star instead o

d believed earlier that he was not interested in what was going on between the twin brothers Adolf and Albert. He caring about them was unbelievable for her.

But it was him who told her about Albert having left without bidding adieu to anyone.

Jean now realized that Zed was just used to hiding his emotions and did not want to show his concern even for strangers. That was Zed's style, a way of projecting himself before others.

'But everyone possesses curiosity! So does Zed. I guess that's why I heard the news from him just now, ' thought Jean.

"He will be, I think. Since Adolf has blocked his way back, their family business will have to rely solely on Albert from now on," replied Zed with a nod that depicted more concern than admiration. He then continued to eat his breakfast.

"That's great!" said Jean and beamed.

"You seem to care about Albert, don't you?" asked Zed as he glanced at Jean, carefully scanning her for an imminent reaction.

"Well, I don't really care about them per se. It's just that I think Albert must have been under a lot of pressure while living with the radiant Adolf. Don't you think so?" said Jean with a slightly furrowed set of eyebrows.

"Alright, that's it. Whatever maybe the reason behind him feeling whatever he wants about his life, you really have to stop worrying too much about someone else's business. Now, focus on your breakfast!" yelled Zed as he offered her the marmalade sandwich, with a lovingly smile on his face, which didn't match with his earlier tone.

"Thanks, Zed," replied Jean faintly and stretched out her arm to grab the sandwich. She took a big bite out of it and then her face lit up with a curious look as if something had popped up in her head out of the blue. And she asked, "Are you not going to the office today? It's nine o'clock now."

'According to your usual routine, you should have been at the company and dealing with business by this time, ' thought Jean in her mind.

"Oh, come on. Bad memory again?" sighed Zed as he looked at Jean with a playfully sympathetic look on his face.

"Wait, what do you mean? What did I forget this time?" asked Jean with traces of confusion evident on her face.

"I had mentioned it earlier, don't you remember any of it? Juan is coming here. He will finally land here today, after a long journey of thirty-two hours. He ought to be arriving with an awful amount of jet lag. So, let's finish our breakfast and then you can come with me to the airport to pick him up,"

replied Zed as he looked at Jean. He let out a helpless sigh as her bad memory often made him laugh and cry concomitantly.

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