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   Chapter 661 An Unexpected Visitor

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7625

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Hearing the statement, Albert was stunned and shortly followed Moore as they walked outside in silence.

The crowd was extremely disappointed for not being able to hear anything about Avery's relationships.

All four of them managed to escape the crowd and get into Moore's car to get to the tea house nearby.

After they had picked a quiet room and sent away the waiter with the order, Moore looked at Albert and slowly stated, "Albert, I understand that you don't want to stay in China. We won't force you. But, it's unreasonable for you to say that Avery dragged Adolf down. Avery decided to stay after getting Adolf's consent. They had already settled on their backup plans..."

"You know how Adolf feels about Avery. If she wants to stay in China, there's no way on earth he's going to say no,"

Albert interrupted Moore and gave him a cold chuckle before he could finish speaking.

"No matter how Adolf loves Avery, he can't give up his bright future for Avery regardless of anything else, especially if he knows that Avery is committed to Moore,"

Jean interrupted as she couldn't help herself anymore. "So, Adolf knows that he and Avery will sign Baiton Entertainment Corporation, which is why he has agreed to stay. Between Baiton Entertainment Corporation and Royal Entertainment Corporation, which firm makes more money? Which has a larger number of resources, and which allows a better development of the star? I think you know the answer to that very well."

Jean stared tightly at Albert and waited for his reaction after she finished her sentence.

Hearing her points, Albert furrowed in anger and replied, "So, you want to use Baiton to trap Adolf, letting him stay in China willingly and pave the way for Avery, right? Do you know how Avery started from naught and became the international star that she is today? It was because of Adolf. Do you know how much efforts he has put in it?"

"That's interesting, to say the least..." Moore remarked in a sarcastic tone as he looked at Albert and asked, "Are you defending him, Albert? I didn't know you cared for your brother so much. I thought you wanted him to stay, so that you could go back to your country and take over the family business all by yourself...."

Jean and Avery were both stun

pale. What she had always feared the most had finally happened.

She looked at Adolf, who hadn't expected Albert to bring up this topic. He put on an embarrassed look, panicking severely as his eyes met Avery's. Evading her eyes, he swallowed bitterly, as he tried to think up a response.

Seeing that Adolf was evading her sight, Avery heaved out a deep breath.

It seemed that today, everything needed to be put on the table.

"You know that she only loves that man and they are together now. Why are you still here with her? Why do you want to hurt yourself like that? Adolf, this is not your stage and you are not a leading actor. Why are you so stupid? Why are you willing to sacrifice everything just to accompany her?"

Albert was getting more and more furious by the minute and questioned him.

"Albert, enough!" Adolf's anger mounted. "Don't infuse your thought into others. Do you even know why I choose to stay in China? Because I am ambitious. With Baiton Entertainment Corporation's strong back and a prosperous Chinese market, it will only take a few years to make Avery renowned all over the world, and I'll be the golden manager.

That is what I aspire to be. I desire applause and fame. I don't want a life like a robot, going to work and getting off from work. I pursue a more exciting and glamorous life, under LED lights and automated houses..."

Adolf roared in agitation, before he finally realized that everyone was watching him in amazement with complicated looks in their eyes.

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