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   Chapter 660 Making A Scene

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"So our relationship is much more meaningful than what the popular opinion seems to be. We have affection between us. Moore, don't get me wrong. There is only one intention behind me telling you regarding what had happened between me and Zed. I want to encourage you to find your one true love, just like I did. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Trust me with that. But if you didn't receive a positive reaction from the one you love, I'd suggest you to at least consider being with Avery then.

She has been in love with you for eight long years! You both know each other so well. That's off to a very good start! To be honest, I was very much touched by Avery's passion towards you. I admire her for her patience and determination. She has been able to keep the flame inside her burning despite all these years. There's nothing wrong in falling for someone. But her love for you has been undeniably unconditional. That's a rare and antique quality in this busy world. How come you've never noticed it and if ever you did, remain unaffected by her devotion to you? I am moved, noticing her dedication.

If you haven't made up your mind yet regarding not loving her, and since the married woman also seemed to have ignored your affection, why don't you think about giving Avery a chance? It's a crucial opportunity to you, yourself. Moore, you need to seriously consider putting the married one in the past and move on. Come back to the reality, Moore!"

Jean was trying hard to knock some sense into Moore's mind.

"Trust me, Jean! I have tried. I honestly did. I simply can't forget her. I get reminded of her one way or the other throughout the day!" With agonizing pain from deep within, Moore frowned. "But what has happened has happened. Love is not to be reasoned with, it just doesn't arrive and depart by will. I hid everything from Avery, trying my best to avoid something lamentable occurring between us. I can tell you with all my heart that Avery's passion has undoubtedly won my attention. But attention is all she has been able to produce inside me. Nothing more. So, Jean, could you please just pause for a second and cut me some slack? Your words have successfully produced guilt inside me. I need time to process the whole idea of being with Avery and forgetting the woman I love. I just need time... All I can promise you right now is that I will try to put Avery on top of her, and try to move on from her. I know it's not easy but I'm hopeful. However, I really can't assure you anything."

"I am so glad that you have finally begun showing some real intent on forgetting the married woman. I overjoyed to hear that from you." Jean nodded repeatedly in approval, beaming with a smile. She couldn't agree more with his willingness to try. "I respect your decision. I will have your back at all times if you seriously try to be with Avery." "..."

Staring at the delightfulness across her face, Moore had no choice but to agree with a hesitant nod. Though his heart was bleeding, it would be unbearable for him if any harm had been done to Jean because of him.

'Oh my beloved Jean, only god knows how much pain I am suffering right now. If somehow you can pass off with it, the married woman I was referring to was you yourself, Jean.

Can you be as pleased as you were a while ago right now?

I wouldn't dare to think so.

To have you concealed from the truth is the least I could do for you. And that's what I did.'

As they were surrounded with delightfulness and stared at each other in absolute silence, Moore's phone rang unexpectedly to tamper with it.

He took out his phone. Noticing Avery's name on the caller screen, he grinned to Jean and informed with pleasure. "Hey, it's Avery calling."

"Pick up! And see what she has got to say,"

Jean ordered hastily.


y, Avery couldn't care less about her reputation as her attention was all fixed on Moore. She blushed to Moore's 'confession' and her face had reddened all over with bashful tenderness. This was the moment of her dreams. She had been waiting patiently for years altogether for this man to confess his love for her.

'How nice, ' thought Jean as she noticed Avery's shy face and her beautiful starry eyes locked solely on Moore. Jean's heart melted and her worries disappeared in a moment's notice.

The fact that the affirmation came straight from Moore meant so much for Avery, no matter how big a problem awaited. She couldn't help fantasizing the happy life they were going to kick start.

'Oh Moore, what were you thinking when you decided to admit your relationship with Avery publicly? Not so long ago, you were claiming that the other married woman was the love of your life.

Now that you've made your relationship with Avery public, you didn't leave a way out for your heart, did you?' Jean drowned herself in worried thoughts.

"Avery, tell me! Is there any substance to what he just claimed? Is he really your boyfriend?" Albert confronted Avery. He didn't want to believe what he just heard. Moore's presence in itself was ruining his mood and his startling claim had thrown him off his balance.

"Albert, the feeling mutually shared between me and Moore is real. I can't be happier to make it public." Avery looked up to Moore, smiling from ear to ear. 'This man finally stood completely by my side. I feel like I'm on cloud nine!' Avery got a thousand butterflies running wild inside her stomach. She had climbed the summit of her dreams, at last.

Albert turned angry from the humiliating embarrassment he just received. With a rage that appeared engulfing directed at Avery, he noticed that she couldn't stop staring at Moore. "For Christ's Sake! You've just abandoned your promising future for this man! Why would you do that? Avery! You choose to ruin your own career, I don't care anymore. Why are you dragging Adolf down together with you? He doesn't deserve all this!" questioned Albert as a final resort to influence her decision.

"This is not the right place to talk, Albert. Why don't we all leave for a place that's more discreet and private?" Moore looked around and realized that there were way too many eyes staring, watching them argue like a bunch of kindergarten children. Wrinkles appeared on his forehead while he thought of a way to clear this scene up before it got even more embarrassing for all of them.

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