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   Chapter 659 Do I Know That Girl

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 10088

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"Is she someone I know, Moore?" Jean waited for him to answer, dancing on the verge of impatience.

"You..." Moore seemed hesitant. "No," Moore said abruptly, "you don't know each other. How would you know her..." He slowed down, heartbeat racing as he looked at her, finishing the sentence with a sigh.

"Yeah, you're right. How would we know each other?" Jean smiled at the knowledge of her being a stranger, something in her content. "But Moore, since you've come back from Chicago, you haven't made many friends. I'd think I know them all, no?" she stopped, but not for long. "How did you meet her? In Chicago? Is she from there?"

Jean asked incessantly, staring at his face in hope of answers.

A brief pause, before Moore replied, "Nope. We met somewhere you don't know," Moore finally said, his answer hinting at nothing but vagueness. He shook his head at Jean and wondered whether she would take that answer and end it at that, somehow knowing she wouldn't.

"Okay," said Jean, with a hint of disappointment in her voice. For sometime, she just looked at him, trying to tread lightly before asking anything else, but curiosity got the better of her soon. "What happened then?" she followed with another question.

"What do you mean?" He seemed to be taken aback.

"You said you like her. Did you tell her how you feel?" Jean rolled her eyes, trying to tease him.

"..." Moore went in a quick pause. Then a bitter smile went up his face, already exhibiting denial.

"No, I didn't." "Why? You sounded so sure when you told me you like her. It seemed to me that it's actually something deep from your heart. So why didn't you tell her, Moore? Why didn't you confess? You can never guess what would happen unless you actually try, you know. She might even like to be with you if you just showed a little bit of valor and confess."

Jean posed questions at him, quickly and anxiously. She was perplexed to find out he wasn't letting his feelings out.

Moore, on the other hand, was struck by all the questions asked. He felt miserable, second guessing his choices, judging and questioning himself.

'Why didn't I ask her out, you ask, Jean?' he thought to himself.

'If that is all it took to be with her, I wouldn't feel so defeated in this moment.

But who am I kidding, If there was even a slight chance of her agreeing, I would've done that in a heart beat.'

All of a sudden, Jean broke his train of thought. "Say something! Moore, why did you hold yourself back when it came to building a relationship with her?" There was only silence on both ends. Jean was anxious and Moore seemed to be in deep thought. Her eyes demanded a reasoanble answer. What could it be? What was bothering him? What was keeping him? She cared too much.

"Okay Jean, hear me out," he finally said. After a brief pause, he continued, "It's not that I don't want to tell her. But truth is, Jean, I know for sure that she will never accept me, no matter what I do or say."

"Seriously? Why do yo

n of the neglected truth she had found out just the previous day, unknowingly sighing.

"What do you mean?" Moore asked, surprised.

"Zed told me some things yesterday. I never knew but we have already met each other a long time ago, when I was still in high school. The reason of why Zed ended up working here, in this city, is actually me. So, money wasn't the only bond in our relationship. Zed had everything sorted and planned out for a long time, long before I knew him."

Jean blushed at her own words, thinking of how much more meaningful her relationship with Zed had suddenly started to seem to her.

"Everything sorted and planned out?"

Moore was confused.

Seeing the puzzled look written on his face, Jean explained, "So, in high school, I saved his life by accident and he could never forget me post recovering. Consequently, he decided to spare no efforts searching for me until he found me in this city. Then he helped me get out of my family by marrying me. He saved me. He was being so childish, afraid that I might laugh at him if he told me what really happened. He tried to intimidate me with indifference all this time, so I wouldn't glance at his true feelings. It was not until last night that I came to know everything..."

For Moore, suddenly everything became as clear as day.

All the speculations he had had about Zed materialised.

If money was the only reason of why Jean and Zed ever came together, why would Zed trouble himself to marry Jean and even answer Wen's requests for a piece of land?

Zed's intention of coming to this city was solely to meet Jean again. He planned a reunion because he truly loved her.

It wasn't hard to see how smitten Jean was by this new information, her thoughts running happily in her head.

Actually, long ago, when Moore noticed Zed's doting looks at Jean, he had begun to doubt about Zed's true reason of marrying Jean.

As it turned out, there were stories other than his own beneath the surface, undiscovered.

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