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   Chapter 658 Why Are You So Mad

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"I really don't know what to say. I think Zed can handle it well no matter what comes his way since he is that kind of person. But you know what really bothers me? It's that no matter what comes up in his life, I can't do anything about it. He can always help me but I can't help him back." Jean shook her head and continued, "Among all my friends, you're the one I trust the most. If you really are willing to help Zed as and when possible, then I think I too can put my heart back into my chest.

But Moore, I...I am not asking you to help him right now. I know that you have a lot of things to attend to since you have been away from your family for so long..."

Jean was panicking and spiraling now. She tried to explain her thoughts to Moore but wasn't much successful.

"I understand what you mean, Jean. You know what? I am going to go help him as soon as I can," Moore didn't wait for her to finish her words and replied. "It has been boring as hell this whole morning. You know, meeting all those people, many of whom I don't even care about... I would rather work for Zed than stay at home and do absolutely nothing productive at all."

"Oh, Moore! You're always the best, aren't you? Thank you so much." Finding out that Moore had similar thoughts to hers made Jean all excited and she exclaimed in gratitude.

"Silly, why were you thanking me?" Moore laughed at her tone. "To be frank, if we are being serious, then I am the one who should be thanking you. I don't even know what would I be without you guys!"

"Oh well, here we go again. Fighting over gratitude. Let's skip the 'thank you' part, shall we?" Jean responded with a smile. "So Moore, did anything happen last night after Zed and I went back home?"

'Did anything happen? What is she trying to imply?'

His smile froze immediately. Gazing at the woman, he went into thoughtful silence.

'Dear me Jean! Is that the reason you urged Avery to stay with me last night? You want us to get laid?

Yes of course! That is why you pushed and urged your friend to stay over. Jean, you devious girl!'

"No... Nothing happened. After you and Zed went home, I walked Avery to the guest room and left. That's all what happened. When I woke up the next morning, she had gone for her commercial shoot already."

Moore left no detials behind.

"What? Wait, why? It was such a perfect chance for you and Avery. Why on earth did you walk away from that?" Jean looked confused immediately when she heard the story.

It was not until Moore's face had started twitchi

e had brought to him after what she had just said.

"Please tell me what's going on? Has something bad happened between you and Avery?" Moore was in so much agony that Jean couldn't help asking.

'It has to be that. Something's wrong between them, ' Jean thought to herself.

'Otherwise, Moore wouldn't loose control like that.

He must be in so much pain that he can't handle it anymore. That's why he has lost his temper on me.'

Jean's nerve was at ease after she justified his reaction.

"Moore, Avery won't remain angry for a long time no matter what happened between you two."

Jean smiled at him, trying to encourage the man.

"Jean, let me tell you something about the girl who took my heart!"

'About the girl that took his heart?'

Jean was shocked. She was finally about to get to know why Moore had become so crazy at her just now. It was all because of that other girl.

'Who on earth is this beauty that could make Moore say no to the perfect Avery?'

Jean couldn't hold her curiosity. She locked her eyes on Moore, trying her best to listen what he was about to say.

Moore stared at her serious face and took a deep sigh inside. "Jean, this girl is neither the prettiest nor the cutest among other girls. But she is certainly very fresh and energetic. She's also very kind. I can't help falling for her. I just can't resist her charm..."

"Is she someone that I know of?" Knowing that she wasn't as pretty as Avery, Jean cut his speech and his vague description of that girl.

"..." Moore went in silence for a moment.

He then gave her a complicated look on his face.

'Is she someone you know?

How am I supposed to answer this question?'

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