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   Chapter 656 I Will Cooperate With The Doctors

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Jean sincerely replied, "Of course that is true. There is no doubt about that. You're the one my child will call grandpa and there's nothing to hide about that. What I wanted to say was, if you want to see your grandchild, you can't stay in the state you are right now. You'll have to..."

Even before Jean could finish her sentence, Henry got all excited and interrupted her, "Of course I understand. Don't worry. I will cooperate with the doctors and be discharged from the hospital before my grandchild is born."

He seemed to have become a completely different person altogether, full of life and energy, with a rush of excitement and happiness replacing the old sickly pallor on his face.

Seeing this transformation and hearing his promise, Jean smiled happily.

Though late, her forgiveness had given Henry a lot of reasons to continue with his life and he was happy now.

And it was a relief for her too, as hating a person, especially her own father, was taking a great amount of toll on her, both physically and mentally.

That was without mentioning the fact that Henry had been looking like a dying old man until just now. Truth be told, ever since she had gotten to know the truth, Jean's hatred for him could no longer be maintained. It just wasn't possible for her any more and therefore, she wanted to just let bygones be bygones.

She wanted the past to disappear in a whiff and a flash. Wasn't it a great relief to be more tolerant towards others and more open-minded about their stories?

That was the only way she could live happily and calmly.

Tears filled Henry's old face. He looked at Jean and managed to sob out a few words, "Thank you, Jean..."

"You don't have to thank me." Jean looked at him and shook her head. "For now, you rest and take care of yourself. I am going home."

Jean finished and glanced at Zed.

He nodded to her, gently wrapped his arms around her waist, and together, they both went outside.

After they had left, it was a long time before Henry's excitement calmed down, and a lot of efforts too. For several minutes until he had calmed down, he reached out a hand and pinched himself at a lot of different places to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Finally, he leaned back and smiled contentedly.

There were tears all over his face, but he was as happy as a child who had been given an endless supply of candy.

Meanwhile, outside the hospital gate, the couple got into the car.

Sitting beside Zed, Jean let out a sigh. She looked distracted and distant for some reason.

"What's wrong, Jean?" Hearing her sigh, Zed asked with concern just as he started the car.

"If I told you that I regret having forgiven Henry for what he did, what would you tell me to do? What would be your advice?"

Jean glanced at him from the side and asked.

"How can you possibly regret that? When

fection. Her eyes were red and full of tears.

"Don't cry, you little fool. My heart is going to break when you cry. Be happy, my fairy. We'll arrive at home soon. If Zelda saw this, she would think that I have bullied you and give me a really hard time!" Hearing her choking voice, Zed quickly comforted her.

Jean rubbed her eyes at once, looked at Zed and smiled.

Just as they entered the living room, Zed's cell phone rang and he answered it immediately.

Because she had only had a glass of milk for breakfast, Jean went to the kitchen first as soon as she arrived. She took a plate of dessert and went back to the living room with a happy face as she ate.

At that time, Zed had just hung up the phone, and his face was somewhat grave.

Seeing Jean, Zed rushed forward. "There's something in the company that I have to deal with. I'm really sorry, honey. You have to eat lunch alone at home."

"Well, that's all right. Work is more important! But you also have to remember to have lunch on time, honey," Jean responded and nodded immediately when she heard that.

"Well, I will. And I'll try to come back for dinner with you." Zed lovingly stamped a kiss on his wife's forehead and then reluctantly walked outside.

Jean looked at her husband's leaving figure and involuntarily put down the dessert in her hand, sighing.

Judging by the look on Zed's face, it looked like something had happened at or to the company.

But no matter what had happened, he always took it on his own, and she couldn't help him at all.

Jean sighed again, feeling powerless.

Her feeling of hunger had disappeared, and she was lying on the sofa in a state of malaise.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up. She took out her cell phone and made a phone call.

The phone was quickly connected, and Jean said happily, "What are you doing right now, Moore? I'm home alone. Can you accompany me for lunch?"

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