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   Chapter 655 Never Too Late To Forgive

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 10401

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"Sure, no problem," Zed gladly said yes as he understood the circumstances. He looked at Jean, slightly raised his shoulders and added, "If this is how it should be, then so be it."

A warm smile appeared on Jean's face. She looked at Bright Wu and said, "Uncle Bright, would you go with me?"

"It would be best if I don't go, after all my presence is not needed there. You two should have a sincere talk and it will not happen if I'm there. The least I can do is to give you a chance to talk to your father."

Bright politely declined the offer with a wave of his hand. "Jean, you have always been a sweet girl. I knew this won't be easy for you, but try to understand your father as best as you can. Life wasn't easy for him either."

He wiped his tears with the back of his palm after he finished his words. He nodded silently to Jean and Zed and left.

Jean followed Bright with her gaze. A sense of longing swept over her.

She cast her eyes down and remembered her days as young child. She compared Uncle Bright now to the same man she used to know, strong and cheerful. He looked so old now, weak and with a stoop.

She didn't know what really happened to him, but she could tell it's not good and aging was harsh on him as well.

"Why did you say yes?"

Zed wanted to know what his wife was thinking. He had noticed that she was still looking at Bright as he limped away from them.

"When I was little, Uncle Bright was the only person that would say nice things about me to Henry. He raved how good I was, how smart I was in front of Henry." Jean took a deep breath and then glanced at Zed.

"I get it now, he was always been good to you so you agreed to his request." Zed nodded his head with understanding.

"Well, sort of. You know what, I haven't had a chance to see Henry after I made Joy confess to him about what happened in the past." She sighed in despair and looked away aimlessly.

"Oh, Jean…" His sympathetic face tried to console her. He put his arms around her and said, "If you want to go, then we'll go. He is still your father no matter what. He gave you life and brought you up into this world. Yes, it's true that he made some mistakes in the past. But the truth was kept away from him. The man was blind to see what was happening. There's so much hate between you two. It's time to forgive and forget."

Jean made a quick look at Zed and narrowed her eyes to him. "Are you on his side now?" Zed's words were a surprise to her.

"I think you were fed with wrong information all this time. But now you don't hate him so much as you used to after you heard the whole story about what happened in the past. You chose to avoid facing him but he is part of who you are. And sooner or later, you need to sit down and settle things with him. I know this won't come easy for you, but give it a try. Just relax your mind, Jean. Don't make it even harder than it is already."

After his long talk and convincing, Zed lovingly kissed Jean's forehead. He then touched her head and lowered his eyes to meet hers. Their gaze locked and it was a tender moment for th

ow he seemed to be overly concerned about Jean's wellbeing. This could be a good sign that he was back with his old self.

"I am fine..." Jean answered and appeared to have relaxed a little bit after their small talk. She lingered her gaze to Henry and continued, "Zed came with me for my doctor's appointment. I'm pregnant."

Henry was thrown in shock when he heard the word "pregnant". Then he got very excited and couldn't keep his eyes off from Jean and Zed. This was the best thing he heard for the longest time. "Really?! Are you going to have a baby?"

"Yes, it's true." Zed smiled in unison with Henry.

Henry never thought the day would come and Jean would share such big news with him. He was surprised and delighted at the same time.

Jean had forgiven him already, by the looks of her.

"Oh! Congratulations! Congratulations!" After he gave them his good wishes, Henry wanted to say something very important, but he didn't know where to start.

"The joy shall be yours, too. But first, you need to get better. Or you will never have the chance to hear your grandchild calling you 'grandpa'." Jean turned her head to face Henry and smiled.

Henry was so dumbfounded and with eyes wide open, he looked at Jean.

Zed put his arm around her with joy written all over his face. He felt a sense of relief.

In his opinion, Jean handled the situation better than he had expected. Who could have thought that she was so restless earlier?

Today, she not only had given her father her forgiveness but also a reason to live.

She was always like that, so forgiving. Just like with Joy, who ruined her life in the past yet Jean chose to forgive her.

'Oh my Jean…'

He stared at her lovingly as he thought how amazed he was by his little wife's goodness of the heart.

How did she do that? Why was she always good to everyone?

"Are you being serious, Jean? You will allow your child to call me grandfather?" As soon as he realized Jean meant what she said, Henry was swept away with joy. This was indeed the happiest day of his life!

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