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   Chapter 654 The More One Gets, The More One Wants

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Thanks to the special care that Zed had arranged for Jean ahead of schedule, she quickly and smoothly completed her prenatal check-up.

Zed was moved, his eyes filled with tears when he saw his child for the first time on the ultrasound screen.

At that moment, Zed suddenly realized that the baby was the crystallization of their love for one another. Zed was greatly touched by this and astonished at the wonder and miracle of life.

"The baby is in good condition. He's very healthy. Considering that you are too thin and weak, Mrs. Qi, I'll prescribe some nutrients to help improve your condition. Maternal health is very important for the healthy growth of your child,"

Abbie said with a stern look at Jean.

"Well, as long as the nutrients are good for Jean and our baby, then I have no problem with it," Zed said, nodding his head approvingly.

Abbie was a little surprised by Zed's caring and gentle attitude. She looked at Jean and smiled, then she continued to write the prescription out.

She had heard rumors about Zed, but today she saw firsthand and had to admit that the rumors were all true.

Mr. Qi really loved and cared for his wife.

It was the dream of many women to marry a man as handsome and rich as Zed. Although, Mrs. Qi was not the most beautiful woman, she did put an end to all hopes that other women might have had of marrying Zed.

Zed and Jean expressed their gratitude to Abbie for the examination and prescription, then they said goodbye and left the examination room.

"Can you go to the pharmacy to get the medicine, please? I'll just wait here for you,"

asked Jean, smiling.

"No problem. Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back. Will you be all right?" he asked with concern. Zed didn't want to overexert his wife unnecessarily.

"Come on, I'm not a little kid anymore, so you don't have to worry about me that much," said Jean, laughing.

Zed rubbed her hair playfully, then he took the prescription and walked quickly to the pharmacy.

Jean watched Zed until she could no longer see him in the distance. She quickly became bored sitting in the waiting room, so she decided to look around.

It was Sunday, so there were many patients coming to the hospital.

It was very crowded in the hospital.

'No wonder Zed asked Elian in advance to organize the examination. He assigned Abbie, the director of obstetrics and gynecology, to help me with the check-up.

If Elian hadn't organized everything well, who knows how long we would have had to wait to be seen!'

Jean breathed out a sigh of relief at the thought. Just as she was about to stand up to look for Zed, she heard an urgent voice calling to her.

"Jean! You are not a dutiful daughter. Your father has been in the hospital for such a long time. Why don't you go and see him? Do you still consider him as your father?"

Jean looked back puzzled. There she saw a grey-haired middle-aged man hurrying towards her shaking his finger as he spoke.

He was very agitated and his voice was full of resentment.

Since he called out using her name, she knew who he was.

His name was Bright Wu. He had been Henry's best friend for many years.

Henry had no merits but only many shortcomings. He was a selfish and

appy. He then said with a big smile on his face, "Now that we are already here in the hospital, then why don't you come with me to see him now?"

Bright looked at Jean once again with an expectant face, waiting for her to say yes again.

Jean felt like she had no choice and sighed with submission.

'The more one gets, the more one wants. It seems that you're no exception, ' Jean thought bitterly.

Jean wasn't emotionally prepared to go and see her father with Bright just yet, but she didn't know how to get herself out of it. Just as Jean was racking her brain trying to think of a way out of the situation, she saw Zed carrying the medication and heading their way.

Zed noticed an unfamiliar man standing beside Jean from a distance, so he quickened his pace to reach her sooner.

As he approached Jean, he saw the distressed look on her face while the unfamiliar man stood staring at her with eyes full of expectation.

"Jean, what's wrong?" Zed looked at Jean asking with concern in his voice.

Jean felt so relieved when she saw that Zed was back. She looked at Zed and asked with a smile, "Have you got the medicine? Nothing serious. This is Uncle Bright. He is my father's closest friend, and he wants me to go and see Henry with him."

"To see Henry?"

Zed said furrowing his eyebrows as he studied Bright looking him up and down with piercing eyes.

Bright felt a chill down his spine, and he felt so intimidated by Zed that he didn't even dare to look at him.

"Yes." Jean didn't expect a reaction like that from Bright towards Zed. She was slightly amused and yet a little upset at the same time.

She hadn't ever seen Bright behaving so timidly before. It seemed that most people would only bully those who were weaker than themselves, but for those who were stronger, they dared not to do so.

"How do you feel about it? Do you want to go and see him?" Zed looked at Jean tenderly and asked her gently.

"Now that we are already in the hospital, let's go to see him." Jean had already decided to see Henry before Zed asked her to.

After all, Bright was Henry's good friend and she owed it to him out of respect for Bright.

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