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   Chapter 650 That's So Shameful

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 6761

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'Mom, is that you?

Did you send Zed to me, to take care of me and to love me?' Jean asked in her mind.

"I don't know when I fell in love with you." Zed shook his head at Jean. "I couldn't find you at that time. I kept looking and I never stopped. And wherever I went, I always asked my friends about information on your whereabouts. And you know, we met at Baiyun Mountain, so I searched every corner of the surrounding cities and there was no sight of you."

"Baiyun Mountain... I remember when I was near my graduation from high school, the school organized an outdoor camping activity. They chose the gorgeous Baiyun Mountain, which was more than one hundred miles away from H City." Jean nodded in acknowledgement.

"So, I spent heaps of time searching for you. Plus I couldn't get away, so when I finally found you, I was close to my retirement from the army. And when I found out that you were in H City, I realized that we had family business stationed there, so I made up my mind without any hesitation to come to H City."

Zed couldn't help but sigh. "Of course, there is another reason why I didn't want to stay in the Imperial Capital. I didn't want to stand in the shadow of Uncle Simon, restrained, nor to stay under his protection and achieve nothing. Coming to H City, I wanted to prove myself. And I managed it."

"Yes, you did." Jean looked at Zed in admiration. "Now when we look back at it, everything seems so wonderful. There is something between us that unites us. And we got married because of your perseverance in finding me. Zed, I feel so lucky that I met you and that I gave you my scarf with my name embroidered on it on Baiyun Mountain. Otherwise, it would be impossible for us to know and fall in love with each other."

Destiny is indeed a very wonderful thing.

If she decided not to help Zed there and then, Zed and her would be like two parallel lines, never to be able to cross paths.

If Zed didn't hold on to the thought of finding her, then she and Zed would only h


Then she quickly got out of her bed and walked downstairs.

When she approached the kitchen, she saw Zed washing the vegetables and cutting the beef. It looked like Zed knew what he was doing.

Zed sensed Jean coming in, so he looked up at Jean with a smile and said, "Did you come down to see if I can cook properly?"

"Yes," Jean responded and looked at the chopping board curiously.

The vegetables had been washed quite clean but the beef was not cut well.

Jean didn't notice until she walked closer, that Zed was using a tablet computer and cooked the noodles while following the instructions.

Jean couldn't help but laugh. With her hands in front of her chest, she looked at Zed working busily in the kitchen.

Fifteen minutes later, a bowl of appetizing beef noodles was freshly presented.

As Zed held the work of his one night effort in his hands, a look of pride showed on his face. He served the dish to Jean, showing off. "Though I don't know how it tastes, the look of it is no less than what they serve in restaurants..."

Jean snorted at it, and then she picked up some noodles with the chopsticks and put them in her mouth.

Zed watched Jean closely as she enjoyed the noodles. She chewed and swallowed it slowly, but there was no expression on her face. Zed asked nervously, "How does it taste?"

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