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   Chapter 649 The Reason Why I Married You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 12471

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"Just because you have sex with someone doesn't mean he is sure to create feelings for you. Am I right? And you know what? Sometimes, it is the only reason business deals are signed in the corporate world. Besides, don't you remember that Henry forced me to give a piece of land to the Wen family when we got married? Well, speaking strictly as a businessman, it was not a very good deal. What do you think?"

Zed asked with his eyes fixed on Jean.

He was sure that whatever he was saying was true but on the other hand, Jean was completely flabbergasted. The question had never seemed to cross her mind until now and there was shock written all over her face.

Back then, she was suffering quite a lot due to the Wen Family, who were too busy with their own lives to even think of any possible reason for why Zed Qi would want to marry her. They had never thought about it despite the fact that it was only her first marriage and would influence and affect her life for ever. But it was only now after Zed had reminded her that she realized that what they had never thought about was a really big deal.

'Really. I never thought of it that way. A man as outstanding as Zed could have asked any woman to marry him and they wouldn't refuse.

He wouldn't even have to ask. There are thousands of women out there simply longing to have sex with him just once.

That being the case, what was it about me that he agreed to give up an entire piece of land and chose to marry me?' Jean wondered.

"Zed... Why? Why did you marry me under such a circumstance? You could have refused!"

Jean asked, looking straight into his eyes.

"Because…" Zed wanted to continue but paused. From his sigh and the complex expression on his face, it was evident that whatever he wanted to say was really difficult.

The sight of that complex emotion only ended up making Jean more and more curious about why. She fixed her eyes on his face and impatiently waited for him to continue.

"Do you really have zero idea about why I chose to marry you Jean?" Zed asked. He had managed to read her mind from her expressions and couldn't digest the fact that she was being truthful in her denial.

"No. I don't. Should I?" Jean scratched her head in confusion which made Zed sigh.

"Why would a man marry a woman? Give me your ideas why,"

Zed asked in a low voice. The complex look on his face suddenly dissolved itself into a serious expression and he gazed intently at her.

"Well, a man would marry a woman just maybe because their sex life gives him a lot of satisfaction.... or maybe because he has got feelings for her... Or maybe... Due to some other more realistic reason!" Jean replied as she tried her best to enumerate as many possibilities as possible, though she stopped at a mere trio. Suddenly, there was a change in her facial expressions too, as if her thoughts had suddenly shifted somewhere else. She then added in an impatient tone, "Hang on! There are infinitely many number of reasons why a man would choose to marry a particular woman. How am I supposed to figure out which one is yours? I mean, I am not you or a mind-reader or something. How am I supposed to understand what goes on in your brain?"

Noticing that Jean had begun to get impatient at his question, Zed let out a heavy sigh and remained silent.

"Zed! What on earth is the reason that you chose to marry me even after Henry laid down such a condition?" Jean grew restless. She could see that Zed had managed to keep it a secret even till now.

"Oh Jean! You've really forgotten everything, haven't you? You don't recall a thing!" Zed remarked with a sigh.

"Wh... What do you mean when you say I've forgotten everything?" Jean as

hey'd both gotten out of the car, Zed took her hand and they walked together into the house.

When they arrived in their bedroom, Zed looked at Jean and let out a sigh helplessly. He caught up with their conversation from earlier and told her, "Truth be told, I did not come to H City to marry you at the beginning."

On the other side, Jean was trying to find her clothes at this time. When she heard Zed's words, she stared at him out of surprise, with puzzlement written all over her face.

"Actually, I just wanted to find you and to know how you were doing at the time. However, I made a little bit of enquiry and I found out that you were suffering due to the Wen Family," Zed told her in a loving tone.

"Is that the reason you promised Henry that you would give him a piece of land and married me?" Jean asked. Zed's words had reminded her of the miserable memories of that time, and she let out a sigh. She looked at him and added, "You could not bear to see me suffer, but neither did you want me to see through into your mind. And I think that was why you were so ruthless and indifferent to me at that time. Am I right? But in the end, Zed, when on earth did you fall in love with me?"

Jean asked as she looked at Zed curiously.

'Wow, it's just like what I've seen on the TV plays! The girl once saved the boy's life, and then he has fallen in love with her. Though, I only inadvertently helped Zed when I was in high school. It was not a rescue at all.

What I did not expect is that Zed would be thinking about it all the time since that moment. And that it would eventually lead to our marriage.

Well, I am not so narcissistic that I would think that he would fall in love with me at first sight.

After all, that is the kind of romance that only happens on TV. And I don't think I am so lucky enough to have one.

Furthermore, Zed was kind of unconscious at that time. So it was hard for him to remember me.

If it weren't for the scarf I was wearing…' Jean thought.

All of a sudden, her face darkened at the thought of the very scarf, with traces of sorrow on her face.

'That scarf, was the last gift mother left for me. And she embroidered my name on it.

It was because of this scarf that Zed finally found me. What a coincidence!

Wait, why it looks like mother had been kind of arranging all these things somehow?'

Jean asked herself internally as she looked out of the window. Right now her heart was filled with sorrows.

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