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   Chapter 648 Take It Upon Himself To Deal With The Huangs

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"Yes, I feel a bit worn out now." Jean felt the fatigue running through her body. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "I really didn't expect it," she continued. "That there would be a hidden truth from Moore's past. Anyway, I think Moore shouldn't go back to the Bai family for now."

"Are you worried that Moore has got himself into some trouble?" Zed asked.

"Isn't it obvious? Gary wants to deal with Edna, which makes it hard to understand why he asked Moore to come back home." Jean opened her eyes, her forehead furrowing. "Now that I think about it," she said with a hint of anger, "doesn't he even care about Moore? Is it because Moore left him since Moore was a child? Or maybe because he has another son named Hanley? I just don't get it!"

"Jean, I think you may have misunderstood Gary," Zed sighed. He kept his eyes on the road. He reached for Jean's hand and interlocked his, trying to comfort her.

Jean frowned. "What makes you say that?" she replied. "Please don't tell me that you think Gary brought Moore home because he cared about him."

"I think his intentions were clean. Besides, he announced Moore's identity in public. Moore is technically protected by the Bai family at this point. Anyone would think twice before messing with Moore. They would think about Gary, the Bai family, before they think of doing anything reckless." Jean was about to say something, but Zed quickly cut her off, holding her hand a bit tighter. "Jean, just think about it," Zed continued. "Since Moore has Gary's protection now, who else could bully him?

Plus, everyone in the Bai family knew Moore's identity before. But at that time, Gary hadn't announced his identity publicly. And that was only the time Hanley and Edna tried to do something bad to Moore. They would be fools to attempt an act like that again from now on."

"But can't you see, Zed?" Jean said unhappily. She pulled her hand away from Zed's. "Moore has been in so much trouble already because of Gary!"

"You may have a point, but Gary didn't know anything about what had previously happened. Now he wants to deal with the Huang family. It's fairly possible that he already has plans and had gathered the necessary evidence. Otherwise, he wouldn't ask Moore to come back home. He's afraid that he may not be able to protect Moore when he was outside."

Zed let out a sigh.

"Do you mean that Gary is going to take it upon himself to deal with the Huangs?" Jean asked Zed.

"Well, from what's currently happening right now, yes," Zed said with a nod.

Jean took a deep breath in and tried to relax. But she really couldn't help but feel worried about Moore. "Isn't Moore

ice, and then that's it. If you do more, it can just bring trouble. Moore has already admitted to his grandfather that Avery is his girlfriend. If Moore wants Avery to stay there, he would have invited Avery personally before you said anything.

Because you intervened, everything's different and more complicated. It seemed as if Avery was doing everything in her power to chase after Moore. If you continue to do this, Avery will always lack confidence around Moore."

"You're overthinking things!" Jean retorted. "Yes, Avery was the first one to fall in love. But she kept those feelings to herself. She never chased after him. The only thing she has done was when she came to H City for the advertisement. She didn't earn money, for she just really wanted to see Moore. I don't like how you think Avery was crazy over Moore,"

Jean said with a scowl on her face. She crossed her arms over her chest.

"But you always help her. Moore's letting Avery into his life just because of you. It gives others a bad impression of Avery," Zed explained helplessly. "Think about it. Don't you think it's a bit improper that Avery lives in the Bais' house even if Moore literally just got back home? Even though Moore's grandfather looked kind and he said what he said, haven't you thought that maybe it was just out of politeness?"

"I don't care about whether he said that out of politeness or not. After seeing Moore and Avery in the study today, I really think it's best for them to spend more time together. It would be better if they can work on their relationship like we did. Although their emotional foundation is not that solid, their relationship will naturally strengthen more as long as they have sex,"

Jean said happily, her eyes full of expectations for the future.

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