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   Chapter 647 Let Me Stay With You Tonight

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 11527

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"Of course! I adore him!" Avery admitted without giving it much thought. "From the first time my eyes had the delight of getting a full sight of Moore in school, I could not help falling in love with him."

"During your school days? So you guys were classmates back then!" Olin seemed very delighted with her words and the way she was conducting herself today. "You must have been having a crush on him for a very long time, right?"

"Yeah! It has stretched over eight long years!" Avery quickly replied.

"Oh, that long?" The old man seemed surprised. His wrinkled forehead seemed to add a few wrinkles more. He turned to Moore and questioned, "What took you kids so long to get together?"

"That's because..." A wry smile curved the corners of Moore's lips. "I wasn't planning to start a relationship back then, so this was how it went..." he offered hastily.

"Oh! I see!" Olin nodded to depict his approval. He seemed to sense a little bit more about what was going on between them than what it all seemed to be.

He cherished the time he spent with them, especially when Avery's little face blushed and turned red when he asked her something. She was shy, but she still managed to answer the queries in a polite and thoughtful way.

"Moo-moo, make sure that you are nice to her at all times," Olin asked his grandson in a firm but tender mannerism.

"You have my word, grandpa. I sure will," Moore answered in a haste, nodding his head.

Olin was finally pleased with these two little kids. He let out wide grin at them and said, "Okay, I will leave you young people alone. Enjoy your time together. Also, Moo-moo, the guest rooms have been tidied up for your friends. You should consider asking them to stay if they wish to stay over tonight."

After finishing his words, Olin waved at the kids and walked slowly toward the end of the hallway.

Moore's face prepared for another wry smile. He looked at Zed and Jean, and apologized, "I am really sorry for tonight. It was like a joke, and you were not supposed to see this. I hadn't given it much thought."

"A joke?" Zed shook his head expressing wilful discontent. "You know what? Seeing your grandfather reminded me of mine. Old people are so alike. They could go on and on for the entire day spreading care and love, which makes it very hard for us to resist and ignore."

"Yeah, that's indeed true. If it wasn't for my grandpa, I wouldn't bother moving back home at all," Moore announced, agreeing momentarily with Zed. "Even though I know that whatever had happend in the past was my grandpa's fault, I still can't afford to be mad at him."

"That's totally understandable. I would say, I feel you. But, Moore, remember this, we will always have your back, no matter what decision you are going to make," Zed concluded.

"Thank you so much guys. Thank you for understanding me and being kind to me." A wide smile emerged on Moore's face after being encouraged by Zed.

"Stop being formal, Moore. You've got that tendency rising these days. Okay, it's getting late. I and Zed should be heading home now. I am not very much in the mood to stay here tonight." Jean blinked at Moore as a signal and turned to Avery to say, "But Avery, your place is way too far from ours. Since you're alone, why don't you stay here tonight? Moore has had enough and more from the drama today. I definitely think he should need someone's company."

"Actually, I..." his voic

ow what? Forget it. I don't want to know the answer." She panicked. Even though she had gathered all her courage, the slightest indication of losing him froze her spine. "Just forget whatever has happened! Walk me to my room, please."

Avery couldn't calm down. She secretly clenched her fist, and now her heart was filled with regret. It was time for her to hide her pain, once again.

'Avery, you are such a chicken! You were afraid that if the answer wasn't what you had been wishing for, so you chose not to face it at all!

Coward! I am such a coward!

But wait. What's wrong with being a coward anyways?

At least, I get to stay by his side, looking after and taking care of him. I will not lose him this way.'

She was satisfied, as long as everything stayed this way.

'What was wrong with me back then?

My mood swung so much, simply because I saw Moore's feeling had leaned towards Jean?

No, I won't allow myself to think this way!

If I want to be with this man, just pretend that I do not know anything. Don't ask for anything, and don't say anything.'

Avery took a deep breath. She shifted her attention toward Moore.

Moore frowned. He still looked confused.

One moment ago, this woman was dying for his answer. But, a second later, she suddenly refused to know anything?

Or, it might be for the best. If she did want things to go this way, he could at least stop worrying about getting harsh feelings or saying something that they both might end up lamenting.

"Let's go!" Avery put her arm around his arm and said with a sizeable amount of fake comfort.

It wasn't easy for Moore deep down his heart. Avery might not have realized but he too had a burning heart inside him, just that he wanted more time to figure out why it was burning. However, he still managed to take Avery to the guest room on the third floor.

After walking out of the main gate and getting in the car, Jean leaned against the back seat and sighed deeply. She looked tired. All the dark clouds of depression had already begun taking a toll on her.

Zed seemed to notice it. "What's the matter?" he asked her while driving. "Is it because of the long day you had?" he refused to add another option to the question. Perhaps his gut spoke to him about her as well.

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