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   Chapter 646 Be Safe And Sound

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Jean still couldn't forgive Olin for abandoning Moore after all. It was Olin who made Moore miss out on a normal and happy childhood. However, she did feel empathy when she saw the helpless and self-reproachful expression on the face of the grey-haired old man before her.

Olin wanted to tell them that what he really cared about was Moore's safety. Zed and Jean couldn't just stand idly by, so Zed asked, "Mr. Olin, you said that there was someone threatening you and preventing you from taking Moore home? Is that true?"

"Yes." Olin wiped his tears away from his face as he stared at Zed. "In fact, there was someone manipulating the whole thing behind the scene. I was just a pawn in this whole game. At that time, I wanted to rescue Gary so much, so I easily fell into the enemy's trap. Once I had fallen into the trap of the enemy, they succeeded in arranging Edna to marry Gary, therefore making her a member of the Bai family..."

Olin had explained the truth of the whole matter very clearly to Zed and Jean. Finally they understood everything and all of the pieces fell into place and made sense. After hearing what Olin had been through, they didn't feel any more resentment towards the old man.

Zed and Jean hadn't expected that Edna Huang's father, who was in a high position as the mayor of the city, would be so corrupt and shameless. In order to arrange for his daughter to marry into the Bai family, he tried all kinds of sinister means possible to force Olin to drive Moore out of the Bai family. All of this was to prevent Edna from becoming Moore's stepmother when she married Gary.

Indeed, Mayor Huang was so cruel and merciless that he would sacrifice his own biological daughter's whole life in exchange for a successful career.

But why didn't he arrange Edna to marry a young man who had never married nor had children? As they were all aware, Gary was married and he had a child, Moore.

Zed figured out the answer to that question without much thought.

At that time, Gary was in a critical period of career development. So Mayor Huang saw an opportunity by which he could use Gary for his own gain. He believed that Gary would become an outstanding politician in the future. That was the reason why he forced Edna to marry him.

At that time, neither Gary nor Edna was willing to marry the other.

No one knew what Mayor Huang did to Edna, but after she got drunk one night, she unexpectedly agreed to marry Gary.

There's no denying that Mayor Huang had used all kinds of trickery against Gary in order to achieve his goal.

In the beginning, he fabricated evidence against Gary, blackmailing him with the threat of going to jail. Then he forced Olin to send Moore away to another country and finally he managed to marry his daughter off to Gary. This could be said to have been a very successful scheme.

"Well, it seems that Mayor Huang is a conceited and callous man. If I had the chance, I would like to speak to him," Jean said in a menacing tone. Her face showed how enraged she felt.

"I would like to meet him alone!" she continued. Zed wasn't comfortable with her threatening innuendos towards Mayor Huang, so he stopped her firmly. "He's a very dangerous man, Jean. Meeting with him wouldn't do you any good!"

"Well, I'm not afraid of him at all!" Jean looked at Zed and frowned. "What's wrong with you? Are you afraid of him?"

"Come on, it has nothing to do with

ed and Jean, but he noticed an unfamiliar face. At this, his face suddenly lit up.

"Moo-moo, who is this beautiful young lady?"

Olin stared at Avery with great interest. Avery felt self-conscious and her face suddenly turned scarlet red.

"Grandfather, she's my girlfriend, Avery." Moore didn't intend to hide it from him, so he frankly introduced Avery to Olin.

"Girlfriend?" Olin's face suddenly showed a look of surprise. He nodded pleasedly and said with excitement, "Great! Moo-moo is already an adult and now it's time for him to have a girlfriend."

"Grandpa..." Moore felt his cheeks warm and go red from embarrassment. He glared at Olin, signalling him to stop teasing him and Avery.

"Haw-haw..." the old man chuckled affectionately. "Are you feeling shy, Moo-moo? Come over here Avery." Olin waved to Avery and greeted her warmly.

Avery felt a little hesitant to meet Moore's family. However, when she saw Moore nodding encouragingly to her, she greeted Olin courteously. "Grandfather..." she said smiling warmly.

"Good girl!" Olin nodded at Avery with a satisfied smile on his face. "You're so beautiful. You and Moore make a lovely couple. Avery, Moo-moo had suffered a lot since his childhood because of my mistake. It's all my fault. Promise me that you will treat Moo-moo well and love him with all your heart. When I disappear from this world one day, you will be the closest one to him..."

"Grandpa..." Moore was somewhat annoyed by Olin's sentiment, so he stopped him with displeasure. "Don't say such silly words. You will be healthy and live to a ripe old age! I have just been together with Avery for several days. You will scare her off saying that nonsense!"

"You've just been together for several days?" Olin continued joking with them. "It doesn't matter. Love has nothing to do with time. As long as you truly love each other and have time for each other. Then time is only a small matter. Avery, do you like Moo-moo?"

Olin ignored Moore's protests to stop teasing them. What's worse, he was so direct with his questions to Avery. At this, Moore could only stand aside and give out a helpless sigh.

He could do nothing but accept it. After all, Olin was his grandfather and there was nothing more important than making him feel happy.

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