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   Chapter 645 Friends of Moo-moo

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"Jean, Zed, I will forever be in your debt for all the things you did for me. To be able to meet you guys, and become dear friends with you has been the biggest joy of my life," said Moore, smiling warmly as he looked intently at Zed and Jean.

"I'll stop with the lovey-dovey talk now. We've been friends for long enough for you guys to know what I meant to say." After hearing this, Jean said with a wide smile, "I believe you have something to say to Avery? It is such an important occasion. She's your girlfriend!"

Jean reminded Moore amidst her warm laugh.

Realizing this, Moore stood still as if he forgot something of great importance to him. He slowly turned around and saw Avery. She was standing there, looking at him intently with pure and crystal eyes. He felt the tides of complicated feelings for her rise and surge from the well of his heart. He walked towards her, and spoke softly and sincerely, "Thank you for staying with me tonight. I'm sorry for not being able to take good care of you."

"You're always welcome, and I would like you to know that I'm not dependent on your care. Always remember, Moore. Etch this onto your heart and mind - I will always be with you," Avery promised this to Moore, her tone sweet and genuine. Her emphasis on every word was filled with as much love as she could convey through her eyes.

"I will, Avery. I'll keep it in my heart forever," said Moore, his voice lightly cracking. He was deeply touched. His eyes affixed on Avery conveying the sort of tenderness only a man could give.

Becoming increasingly aware of the passion in the atmosphere around Moore and Avery, Zed and Jean looked at each other, clearly moved by their love. They beamed at each other like little children.

They were so happy for Moore and Avery, who were so in love judging from how they looked at each other.

To give the two lovers the privacy they no doubt needed, Zed gently held Jean's hands, and they silently walked out together.

Closing the door as quietly as possible, Jean let out a sigh of relief, her face joyful. She then said, "Finally, after all the twists and turns, Moore returned to the Bai family. But are they any different from the Bai family Moore left in the past? What do you think Zed? Why did Edna do what she did? Why did she block Moore from coming back after all her shady dealings?"

"Honestly, I can't make sense of her logic behind it. Gary has never interfered with the Bai family's business, but after all, he has power in politics. By that fact, this also opened a lot of doors for Edna, so she was able to keep a lot of things she did secret from Gary. Edna's

have always been absent from home since my illness started. On an ordinary day like today, I should be in the hospital. But I heard Moore was returning home, hence I am here. Moo-moo is a good boy. After knowing the truth of his past, he never blamed me nor his father.

But then soon after Moo-moo's reunion with us, Gary somehow managed to separate me from them, and he talked long and hard with Moo-moo. I have more or less heard about the Bai family's affairs even when I was wasting away at the hospital. I know for a fact that Gary has been conducting an investigation on Edna in secret for three months now. Although I don't exactly know why he had her investigated, Gary must have told Moo-moo the reason.

I heard you had come here too, so I saw my chance and now I come before you. Please stop Moo-moo from getting involved in this trouble. He should avoid it at all costs and never be involved in it. The question is not about my selfishness. It's just that we cannot afford to oppose Edna Huang's family. The last thing I want to see is Moo-moo and Edna become rivals the moment he returns home."

"I guess it's safe to assume that you know Moore has already been an enemy to Edna, and that she has done everything in her power to stop Moore from getting back home," Jean said to remind Olin of this fact.

"Yes, I know that." Olin was seized with incredible sadness. He then said, "You're welcome to blame me for all this. I'm too much of a useless coward. If I hadn't surrendered to other people's threat twenty years ago, I wouldn't have deprived my grandson of the chance to come back home..."

Olin finished speaking, a stream of tears already flowing down from his weary eyes against his weathered face, like torrents of a gentle waterfall.

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