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   Chapter 644 Who Told You I Am Moving To The Bai's House

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7143

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"No, I don't think that's the reason. I always find a way to get rid of my debt myself." Hanley shook his head in denial. "Although the sum of debt is pretty big after these years, I would never lose over 100 million overnight. No matter how cheap that cosmetic company my mother had sold, it must be worth at least several hundred million!"

"Yes." Zed nodded while Hanley was speaking.

"What about the second reason?" Hanley looked at Zed and asked eagerly.

"The second reason is the one Moore told you earlier. Your mother is transferring your family's property secretly," Zed said slowly, looking at Hanley.

"That can't be!" Hanley denied again. "My father never cares about such things. All he cares about is politics. He cares little about the company and the family business. He never interferred with the company affairs, not even asked a word about it. The business is already managed by my mother, so why would she do this?"

"Why so? This is why I will confess to you," Moore said, standing aside.

"What do you mean?" Hanley looked at Moore in confusion.

"Because she is your mother and you are the most appropriate one to find out the truth. I will assist you and fight by your side." Moore looked at Hanley sincerely.

"Oh, shut up," Hanley grew agitated, he said gloomily. "Everyone knows what you are thinking about. Why are you gloating? Are you happy when things don't work out for me? Moore, whether it was done by my mother or not, and no matter what reasons she had for doing this, that is all her money. She can spend it however she likes."

Hanley's nerves settled, but he grew emotional again, as he was speaking to Moore.

Moore could only react with a bitter smile and looked at Zed.

Zed took Moore's gesture for help and nodded. But just when he was about to speak, he was stopped by a sudden voice. And that voice was from Jean. She said angrily, "Hanley, you should know that today, we are all standing here, talking to you and negotiating with you. That is all for your own good. You're Moore's brother. You shouldn't be holding a grudge against him.

What's more, it's your

darkened when he said this. "He has got stomach cancer, and doesn't have much time left."

The study fell silent. No one had ever thought his reason would be this.

But they all felt that the universe had its own way of figuring things out.

The grandfather who loved his grandson most had sent his grandson overseas just to save his son, separating him from his own grandson for more than a decade.

But when Moore finally came back to the Bai family, Olin didn't have much time left in his life. What a miserable fate!

Life, is a combination of sorrow and happiness.

Many people, many things, once they part ways, it might be forever.

"Moore, don't be sad." Avery walked up to Moore and comforted him, grabbing his hand.

"Being able to reunite with my grandfather is never a sad thing for me," Moore looked at Avery and said, but the sorrow on his face was unable to be disguised.

Zed and Jean looked at each other. At this moment, they did know what to say to comfort him.

"Alright, you all know what the matter is." Moore pulled himself back together and smiled bitterly. "I hope you can understand my decision for moving..."

"Moore, don't say that. This is your home, we are happy for you that you decided to move back here. But you don't have to be too worried. Things will pass," Jean comforted.

"Yeah, you can come to us if there's any thing we can help you with," Zed followed.

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