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   Chapter 643 You Lied To Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7596

Updated: 2019-04-22 13:41

Avery was pissed at Hanley's words. Her face flushed and her eyes stared at him with fury.

"Now, now, Avery. Don't argue with him, it won't help. Let's listen to what Moore has to say," Jean said as she approached Avery and touched her arm, trying to soothe her.

"Fine," Avery said reluctantly and nodded in agreement.

All eyes turned to Moore at that moment.

Moore smiled bitterly. He sighed deeply after meeting the eyes of everyone present. He began with a serious tone, "Hanley, the family property you keep mentioning has been turned to nothing but a shell. It's empty inside."

Everyone's face changed after hearing the words that came out of Moore's mouth.

The most shocked one, unsurprisingly, was Hanley. He glared at Moore fiercely and mockingly said, "Do you honestly expect me to believe that nonsense? Do you think that I would accept you as a member of the Bai family after what you just said?"

"I don't need your acceptance or approval to be a member of the Bai Family," Moore quipped with an indiffierent expression. Instead of being offended, he looked at Hanley and felt only pity when he spoke, "I know you wouldn't just believe me. It's actually pretty easy to tell that I'm telling the truth. It's so easy that you can just ask Edna, your mother."

"Cut the bullshit, Moore. What the hell does this have to do with my mother?" Hanley asked, reeling from the mention of his mother.

"Whether it does or doesn't have something to do with your mother, you'd know if you ask her," Moore said passively as he stared at Hanley.

"Why, you..." Hanley's expression softened and turned to confusion. He looked at Moore, thinking deeply, then asked, "What the hell is going on?"

"Now you start believing him? Aren't you supposed to be smart? You honestly thought Moore was fooling you?" Avery interjected in a mocking tone.

"You shut your mouth. You! Spit it out. What the hell is it?" Hanley's eyes turned from Avery to Moore as he ordered him to explain. His face was flushed, and was deeply bothered by what Moore was implying.

"I don't know the specifics. All I know is you have been gambling this year. A lot. Plus there was the financial crisis last year. The property Edna worked so hard to maintain is now gone. The


Zed who had been silent all through out the exchange, looked at Hanley straight in the eyes and frowned. He said, "I really don't want to get involved in your family matters, but there is one thing that I think you should know."

"What is it?" Hanley asked. His tone was nervous as he fixed his eyes on Zed.

"Last year, after the financial crisis, I procured a certain cosmetics company under the Bai family. I was planning to launch a cosmetic brand at that time and I happened to have a friend who referred me to that company. So we had specialists assess the risk of procurement. You could never know that the procuring price was far lower than market value. It was your mother who offered it at an extremely low price.

I am a businessman. The lower the price is, the easier it is for me to turn a profit. It made no sense for me not to accept it. So no questions asked, I bought it. I only cared that I don't lose money. Now, I think you know what that means. Based on this, you should see clearly why your mother did that," said Zed.

"Impossible! Why would she do that?" Hanley was in pure shock.

If this came from Moore's mouth, he wouldn't have believed it.

But this came from Zed. Zed's words carried weight. He didn't have any reason to lie.

'But then again, why on earth had Mom done that?' thought Hanley.

"Now that I think about it. There are two possible reasons," Zed continued. "First, it's because you lost a lot in gambling, and she needed to pay your debts fast."

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