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   Chapter 642 How Dare You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8770

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"Welcome home, brother!"

The words Hanley uttered were still the same as Moore arrived into the Bai family's house.

But for some reason, the tone and the implication were much more hostile than ever before.

"I have already told you, Hanley. Things don't go too well for people who hide under masks and their true forms are latent. It's not only you who welcomes me in this house, but everyone else as well. Now, I can clearly see that you are surprised. But is it a good surprise, or a bad one? I really can't tell..."

Moore whispered in Hanley's ears, clearly indicating that he was aware of the hostility that still lay there.

In response, Hanley could be seen gnashing his teeth. "Moore, I won't deny that you are extremely brave for being gutsy enough to challenge me. But remember, you've broken your promise to me and you are going to pay for this. You may be brave, but stupid is what I call you!"

Hanley's threat would have scared anyone but Moore seemed at ease. He stepped back a little and looked at him with a smile as he calmly replied, "I am looking forward to it. I can't wait!"

"How dare you make fun of me!" Hailey's face had gotten a very crimson shade of red now and he was unable to respond due to his anger.

Moore simply patted him on the shoulder and turned around with a big smile on his face. Clearly, his happiness was totally unconnected to Hanley's.

Catching a look of Moore, Zed, Jean, and Avery rushed towards him with a concerned look on their faces.

They hadn't expected that Moore would accept Gary to be his father at the party. And for some time, Jean and Avery were even afraid that he had done so under Gary's threat.

However, Moore shook his head slightly and gave them a big smile, as he gestured slightly towards Zed, who immediately got his hint. He stopped Jean and Avery midway who were rushing towards Moore really fast.

"I think whatever Moore did tonight was by his own will, so we don't need to worry!" Zed told the two of them.

"How is that possible?" They were confused. "We all know how much Moore hates the Bai family," Jean immediately asked.

"The way I see it, he had erected a wall or a shell around him after the incident that happened to him during his childhood. It was just a child's way of protecting himself from a bad memory. Today, it looks like he found a different story of his past; one that broke the wall or the shell, entering into his mind,"

Zed sighed.

"Are you discussing the possibility that Gary might not have abandoned Moore?"

Jean asked in surprise.

"That's not entirely impossible..." Ave

u like. I did betray my words, and I really don't have an excuse for that," Moore replied as he stood up.

"You!" Hanley was furious beyond words and his eyes were on fire. He stared at Moore and roared, "No matter what I say, you are going to go against me, aren't you? Fine then! I will make you regret! Let's see who gets to laugh in the end."

Hanley was rushing out the door but

Moore didn't want him to leave in such a rage and stopped him, "But I have to tell you something too."

"I don't want to hear anything from you! You are a liar and a cheater!" Hanley replied furiously.

"What I am going to tell you is the reason I chose to stay in the Bai family. I suggest you to hear me out. It won't take too long," Moore replied in a calm voice. He walked over to Hanley and stood behind him.

Jean looked at him in confusion. She didn't know what Moore wanted.

The only thing she knew was that Moore did everything for a reason.

From what he had just said, it seemed like the reason he stayed in the family was very important to Hanley too.

Hanley turned around and gave Moore an unfriendly look and madly replied, "You'd better make the time count, or else you're going to regret it."

"Hey! Watch your tone!" Avery didn't really know how he was going to make Moore regret, but she assumed it was not going to be nice from his expression.

"Who the hell are you to step into my business?" Hanley rolled his eyes and asked with a loud voice.

"You just threatened my boyfriend. So it is my business too now!" Avery was not scared by his words. She calmly walked over to Moore's side and sneered at Hanley.

"His girlfriend? There is no place for you to stick your nose in," Hanley sneered at Avery.


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