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   Chapter 641 He's Jealous

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 7294

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"Know her clearly? It used to be clear, but it sure as hell isn't now," Zed said in a bitter tone as he gave out a cold chuckle.

"Zed, don't let your temper get the best of your relationship with Jean," Moore said in a hurried tone to calm him down. "We all know Jean. She won't just do that. She won't go ahead and accept anyone she doesn't like. As her husband, you have to put a little more trust in her. Do you even realize how much you are hurting Jean by saying all these words. She heard it all, Zed. "

Jean grimaced at the mention of her name. "If he truly cared about me, he wouldn't have said something like that," she said to Moore and then her eyes shifted towards Zed. "Out of all the people I know, I never expected you to be like this, Zed!" Jean said in a hurt tone. Her eyes were red from the tears as she stared at Zed angrily.

"Jean, I..." Before Zed could say something to retort, Moore cut his words off.

"You don't believe that Jean truly turned Ronald away? Zed, when the hell did you lose faith in your wife? When did you lose your confidence?"

Moore looked intently at Zed's eyes as he asked this.

"It's not that I lost my confidence. I just felt that she was pretending to refuse Ronald in front of me," Zed said, brows furrowed.

"You and Jean already fought about Ronald last night. Did she do anything wrong other than care about what you would feel? Zed, you are the last person I expected to be this childish. Why are you so goddamn petty?"

Moore said as he was stunned at Zed's words.

"Well, I..." Zed couldn't do anything but sigh remorsefully as Moore confronted him, and he then said, "I'm not petty. I just feel uncomfortable knowing that another man is admiring my wife."

"So just because you feel uncomfortable, you think it's right to vent your anger on me?" Jean, furious, stared at Zed and asked in an agitated tone. "Why would you do this? Who the hell do you think you are, Zed?"

"Jean, calm down. Zed just wasn't himself because he cared about you. You should be more patient and understanding. Don't just get angry at him."

Moore offered in a futile attempt to comfort her.

"I'm not mad at him. He

Not only Hanley was stunned, but Jean and Avery's jaws were dropped as well. They were all astonished.

Zed watched all this unfold and looked deep in thought, as if he knew all along.

Moore's problem was finally resolved.

'It seems as though Gary had told him the truth about his past.

The question is, what exactly was that truth?

Why did Moore forgive Gary this quick?

It seemed that there could only be one answer.

Gary didn't abandon him in the past. It was someone else entirely.

Who could it be?

Who could be evil enough as to lay their hands on a small child?'

While Zed was lost in thought, Moore climbed the stage and took his place beside Gary. He faced the crowd in the hall, and said with a broad smile, "Good evening, everyone! I am Moore Bai, the lost son of the Bai family. I'm glad to meet all of you, and I'm even happier to see that my halfbrother and stepmother are also here to welcome me to the family. Our first complete family reunion."

After speaking, Moore smiled at Hanley who was standing on the other side of his father.

Hanley was visibly pale, but at the mention of him by Moore, he forced a smile in front of the guests and he eagerly held out his hands to Moore for an embrace. "Welcome home, brother!"

He gave Moore a big hug.

He embraced Moore so tightly that Moore winced.

Gary looked at Moore worriedly, but as Hanley caught him staring, he suppressed his concern.

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