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   Chapter 640 In Love and War

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"Ronald, wait..." Edna was standing and talking to someone else when she saw Ronald running outside. She forced her way out from the crowd and called his name.

But he seemed oblivious to her call as he continued to walk and soon disappeared.

Edna slumped her shoulders in disappointment and looked back at Zed and Jean intently.

She was in deep thought, and in slow motion she looked up and aimed her eyes to Jean while still holding her red crystal goblet.

"I didn't know you and Ronald were classmates," Edna frankly stated in cold voice as she gazed at Jean.

Jean was somewhat irritated with her disconcerting remark. She looked away to hide her uneasiness.

'What a spiteful woman! What do you care if he used to be my classmate?

And though he's your nephew, it's clearly none of your business!' Jean thought scornfully.

Insensitive to Jean's passive behavior, Edna continued, "That child always felt inferior and was often bullied by his peers, so my sister and her husband decided to move to Canada to give him a fresh start. You know, Ronald is a sensible boy. He is now a self-assured man and he definitely has lived up to his parents' expectations. He's not only smart in his studies but he's into active lifestyle. He also exercises a lot to keep fit!

He became better and wiser through the years. And we all know there's only one lucky girl he cares so much. He did everything to impress her. And I just learned today that the girl is you, Jean. I don't care what you just said to him, but I hope you should be kind to him even if you turned him down. He's madly in love with you!" Edna's voice had lowered down as she made a plea to Jean.

Jean blinked her eyes with surprise. These words didn't seem to fit as what she knew Edna to be, forbidding and heartless.

She composed herself and answered calmly, "I would hurt him more if I continue to be closer and kind to him. I'm sorry, Edna. I may have reacted differently and he can't accept it for now, but this is the best way. Sometimes, we have to be cruel to be kind. And he will forget me as soon as he recovers."

"I get your point, but I'm afraid the child will have a hard time accepting and that's what I'm so concerned about. He built his world around you…" Edna furrowed her brows with worry.

"We can't be sure of that and people would change. And besides, we haven't seen for ages! I don't think I would still matter that much to him. I'

feel so uneasy.

But this was not a good time to ask about that. Instead, she smiled weakly and explained, "Jean rejected Ronald after he professed his love for her. When Zed learned about this, he got so jealous and now, they are fighting with each other…"

When Moore heard this, he just took a deep breath.

'I know how much Zed loves Jean, so I would understand his anger if Jean didn't reject Ronald.

But what's the point of it, if Jean already rejected Ronald and obviously, chose him over Ronald?

It is out of her control for any other man to love her. It's not her fault. Zed should understand that, ' thought Moore.

"What's up?" Moore approached them, glanced at Zed, and then asked Jean.

Jean was so furious that she decided it would be best for her to keep quiet. So instead, she threw an angry glance at Zed and turned her head.

Zed's face dimmed with anger when he saw her hostility. He expanded his chest and said angrily, "If I was not here today, she would have accepted another man's love for her…"

Moore was shocked to hear that. Then he moved his head and looked at Jean's stubborn face. He knew right away that it was a mere misunderstanding. He assured Zed with a smile and said, "You misunderstood Jean, Zed. You have been together for so long. You two should know each other's character clearly. She will choose you over and over again. Why would she accept other man's love?"

'If this weren't the case, I wouldn't leave your house to avoid Jean and instead I'll pursue her.

I would't be so heartbroken because I didn't stand a chance against you, Zed, ' Moore thought bitterly.

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