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   Chapter 639 I Don’t Want To Be Misunderstood

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"So you know each other..." Ronald scratched his head awkwardly looking at the man standing beside Jean and noticing that he was not the same one that was with her earlier today. "So, where is your boyfriend?"

"What boyfriend?" Jean asked looking at him surprised.

"When did I say that I had a boyfriend?

I don't know what you are talking about."

"Earlier today, you were with another man,"

Ronald reminded her.

Zed frowned and looked at Jean.

'Earlier today? What does he mean by that?' Zed thought, irritated.

"Did I tell you that he was my boyfriend earlier today?" she continued angrily. Jean was even more unsettled. She didn't dare look at Zed.

It was a rare scene for Avery to see Jean acting like this; she couldn't help but observe with curiosity.

But she did figure out who that 'other man' could have been.

Most certainly it would have been Moore.

Moore mentioned that he had gone with Jean to buy some clothes in the daytime.

That's who this man must have seen, hence the misunderstanding.

"No, you didn't say he was your boyfriend. But I..."

Ronald felt a flicker of hope when he heard that the man wasn't her boyfriend. He tried to explain but Jean had interrupted him.

"So if I didn't tell you that he was my boyfriend, then why did you assume that he was? Did I tell you that he has a girlfriend?" Jean asked seriously.

"Yes, you did, but I thought..." Ronald felt even more embarrassed being questioned by Jean like that.

Zed watched her being so aggressive just to prove her innocence to him.

He actually felt sorry for Ronald.

'But this man is really silly!

Why is he trying to put Jean in such an awkward position and making everything so tense, ' thought Zed.

"You thought? Don't you know that things can get very ugly when people make the wrong assumptions?" Jean noticed Ronald's uneasiness and backed down. "Ronald, I don't mean to blame you for these things. I just don't want to be misunderstood..."

"It's okay, my mistake. I deserve some bla

ymore," Ronald said, distraught.

Jean was stupefied. She never realized that Ronald had feelings for her from when they were small children.

"Yes, who knows. Maybe things would have been different if you had returned earlier."

Jean felt sad; she looked at Ronald and smiled bitterly. "But there is one thing that I am sure of and that is: I could not fall in love with you. Because I look at you as my old classmate and that is all." Jean closed her eyes as she finished her words.

'I needed to be cruel one last time!

This is the only way that he will give up thoughts of pursuing me and move on.' "Thank you for telling me and being honest."

Ronald smiled bitterly and turned to face Jean. His cheeks were wet with tears. "You know what? For years, I have been imagining how the day would be when we finally met again. I thought we would be so in love. I never for a moment thought that you didn't feel the same way about me and that you would reject me. As it turns out, I had overestimated myself. If I had known otherwise, I wouldn't have tried so hard to achieve so many things and then return to you.

I still live in the past, but you are no longer the same Jean as you used to be. I'm sorry for making such a scene." Ronald looked deeply into Jean's eyes, his face full of gloom and despair.

He then turned and ran towards the gate.

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