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   Chapter 636 Welcome Back Home, My Brother

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 8319

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When Avery heard that Moore was going to accompany him to meet Juan at the airport, she suddenly got really happy. She said, "That's so great, Moore! I knew that you'll agree to go with me!"

Moore looked at Avery and smiled.

'Now that you want to tell everyone about our relationship, I have nothing to worry about!

I'll respect your decisions as I've accepted your love and promised to be your boyfriend. And I will try my best to do whatever you want me to.

If I don't promise you anything, you will get sad. And if you get sad, this will only worry Jean, ' Moore thought.

Moore lowered his head in a bittersweet mood.

It was 8 o'clock when they arrived at the Bai family's house. The place was on the eastern side of the city.

Many expensive cars were parked on both sides of the parking area of the house.

Besides the luxurious cars, there were some normal cars parking outside of the house too.

Jean wore a light blue dress and with a sweet smile on her face, she walked slowly towards the entrance. Zed held her hand.

"Welcome, Mr. Qi!" Hanley was dressed up in a white suit. He was standing at the entrance with a big smile on his face. He was greeting all the guests as they entered the party.

As soon as he saw Moore and Avery entering, he smiled and lowered his head. He had not expected them to come. After a little while, he lifted his head and smiled at them.

Hanley had gone the other day to invite Moore to tonight's dinner party, but Moore didn't give him a definite answer.

Hanley had thought that Moore would not be willing to come to this party.

It truly surprised him when he saw Moore.

"Welcome back, my brother!" Hanley greeted Moore and smiled.

"Well, why do you call me your brother in front of others? Aren't you worried that your plan will fail tonight?" Moore walked up to Hanley and reminded him coldly.

Hanley was embarrassed as soon as he heard that. He hadn't expected Moore to be this ruthless and cold-blooded. "Moore, you're my brother. That is a fact and nobody can change it! What plan are you talking about? I don't understand anything!"

Hanley didn't want to expose his plan, so he deliberately changed the topic and said, "Jesus Christ! Who is this beautiful young lady? Is she your girlfriend? I know her! Isn't she an international star, Vikki?"

Hanley asked Moore and pretended as if he was surprised.

"Nice to meet you! I'm Vikki!" Avery greeted Hanley and smiled sweetly at h

asked in confusion.

Moore grinned bitterly and shook his head helplessly.

"I don't care what he has in mind. I only know that he chose to abandon Moore. And that is the last thing I can tolerate!" Jean shouted angrily.

"Jean, calm down now!" Moore exclaimed. "A ruthless person like Gary is not worth your anger."

"Excuse me! Are you Moore Bai?" A waiter suddenly appeared in front of them and asked Moore.

"Yes, I am!" Moore looked at the waiter and replied doubtfully.

"Mr. Bai invited you to go upstairs to the second floor," The waiter said politely.

'Who? Mr. Bai? Did he refer to Gary?' Jean thought with confusion.

Jean's face suddenly darkened. She turned towards Moore worriedly.

Moore hesitated for a while. Then he frowned and said, "Go back and tell him that I have nothing to talk to him."

"Mr. Bai knew that you'll refuse, so he asked me to tell you something else too. He told me that if you go up now, he'll tell you everything. But if you don't go, you'll miss the chance to know anything," said the waiter.

"Well, I'd rather miss this chance! Tell him that I don't care!" said Moore as he sniffed coldly.

Avery got anxious as she saw Moore getting angry. She was worried about him.

She wanted to calm him down, but she didn't know what to say in order to calm him down.

"Moore, since we all are here tonight, you should go upstairs and talk to him! It's a good chance!" Jean was lost in thoughts for a while and then she persuaded Moore. "Last time we met him, he was not willing to tell you anything. Maybe he wants to tell you the reason now. Don't you want to know who made you an orphan?"

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