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   Chapter 635 I Misunderstood You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 6996

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"All right, I'll get to the point." There was a bitter smile on Moore's face. "Last night, I told Zed and Jean that I am going to move out," Moore continued.

"And then?" Avery asked. She was shocked. But she didn't show any expression on her face.

Moore hadn't mentioned anything to her before about his decision to move out from their house.

"I know that Zed and Jean aren't happy for me to move out at this time. But I have made up my mind. They have no choice but to accept it. Jean didn't say anything, but I could tell that she was unhappy. Besides, Zed and Jean had a fall out with each other last night because of Jean's primary school classmate. So Jean and I went out to see her classmate to talk things through. Although I knew that it was just an excuse for Jean, she really only wanted to buy me more suits."

Moore told Avery everything that happened that morning. When he had finally finished, he sighed deeply. "Who would have thought that Jean's primary school classmate is Edna's nephew? Jean was so angry with him when she found out that. Anyway, she wants me to look my best tonight when I show up, just like you do."

"It's all right. You don't need to explain anything." Avery blushed with shame. "I'm sorry, I misunderstood you. I thought you only liked the suits that Jean bought for you, regardless of my feelings. I was being oversensitive."

"Avery, how could I think less of your generosity?" Moore smiled to comfort her. "It's not your fault. Jean would be upset if she knew that you felt that way."

"I know. I won't think like that next time," Avery nodded and promised.

"There is no next time. I am going to move out the day after tomorrow. So there won't be any reason to misunderstand Jean and me anymore." Moore looked at Avery and made fun of her intentionally.

Avery's face blushed again, but this time with shyness. "Moore, I know I misunderstood you. I am sorry. Please stop making fun of me," Avery said in a spoiled tone.

They both burst into laughter.

Jean had been eavesdropping the whole time outside the door. When she

bright smile unaware of his suspicion.

Was it just his imagination? Perhaps he was being over-sensitive. Moore then smiled back at Avery.

'That can't be true. I am sure Avery didn't mean to say that...'

"Moore, Juan is coming to H City the day after tomorrow. Can you pick him up at the airport with me?" Avery suddenly asked interrupting Moore's thoughts.

"Are you sure that I should go with you? He may find out about our relationship?"

Moore asked in surprise.

He thought stars were supposed to keep their personal lives a secret, including Avery.

Otherwise, lies and slander generated from the media, fans and social media could bring trouble to Avery's career and have bad impact on their relationship as well.

That was why many agencies didn't allow celebrities to have a love affair.

He couldn't understand why Avery wanted to be seen with him and take the risk.

"It doesn't matter. Juan and Zed are good friends. Do you think that we could really hide our relationship from him?" Avery couldn't help laughing when she answered.

Moore felt a little embarrassed and responded with a sour smile.

He had indeed forgotten that Juan and Zed were close friends. Even if Avery wanted to hide their relationship from him, he would have guessed eventually.

"Oh, I just forgot. Okay, I will pick him up at the airport with you," Moore said and nodded.

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